Book Reviews: Style by Kate Spade

It’s no secret I love fashion books. There is something so fun about reading about fashion and then displaying the book in your home. It also helps for references and outfit inspirations. I was so happy to come across this book the last time I was in my local bookstore. I adore Kate Spade and her sense of style. This book is truly what her clothing and accessory line is all about… class, sophistication, and very feminine. I personally think every woman should own some Kate spade in her wardrobe. This book is definitely worth a look the next time you are in the bookstore and can also be purchased on Amazon here!
Have you read any of Kate Spade’s books?


Everyday Life: Filofax Planner System

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I am a planner addict. I love having a calendar and love decorating it to fit my style. After having a not so great experience with a recent purchase from another planner retailer, I decided Filofax would be my best bet. I was lucky enough to pick up the Personal Size Finsbury in Black at a local boutique office supply store in San Francisco. I have been having fun collecting Scotch Washi Tape from Target or Office Depot. Its a great and colorful way to decorate your weekly pages. I ordered inserts from KiddyQualia on Etsy (pictured above) for 2014 and 2015 along with some lined notepaper. I ordered the cutest little pocket folder from youracrafty1 on Etsy (pictured above). I ordered some custom tabs from FiloPhia on Etsy (pictured above). Last but certainly not least I purchased some dashboards, bookmarks, and planner charm from plannerfancy on Etsy. All these vendors are so reasonably priced and offer beautiful items to customize your planner. Please click the links above on their names to check out their Etsy stores. I will be shocked if you can’t find a new item for your planning needs.
How do you decorate your planner?

Fashion: Colored jeans?!

Yes yes…I know I am very late to this colored jeans party but better late than never right?! I do love this trend but decided gray and white colored jeans were as close as I was going to get. I know not very adventurous…but these are my colors I can’t help it! I picked these jeans up from Macy’s a few weeks ago on sale and decided I would give them a shot. I have had fun styling different outfits with them and must say that adding a different color jean to any outfit adds a new twist that I love!
Have you been loving the colored jeans trend?

Fashion: Sunglasses

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Recently my Mom and I took a trip down to Nordstrom (TROUBLE!). We were strolling through the store and stopped in the sunglass department. We had a bit of fun trying on some outrageous styles and trendy glasses. It made me think…every girl truly needs a lux pair of shades. I adore sunglasses and have collected different styles over the past 10 years or so. Some of my favorite sunglasses are from Chanel and Tom Ford, however, I love Ray Bans as well (especially the price)! Although we did not pick up any new glasses this trip, I figured I would share with you my go to shades this year. Pictured on the top row are my classic black and white pair from Chanel (Style 5171 –  Retail $400.00). Pictured below are also by Chanel and are bit on the trendier side (Style 5182 – Retail $325.00).
What are your favorite sunglasses?

Fashion: Sabahs

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These were such a great find from a co-worker. Let me introduce to you Sabahs. Here is a little description from the owner:

“Every pair of Sabahs is handmade using a traditional method of shoe construction cultivated over generations in the ancient bazaar of Gaziantep, Turkey. We work with traditional cobblers whose families have been making this style of shoe for 500 years in the very same bazaar. The method of construction is quite difficult and tedious (it requires extensive training to make), but the result is a pair of shoes that are remarkably comfortable, really well made and distinct looking. Also, since they are all very high quality leather and materials (the sole is a thick natural leather as well) – Sabahs mold to your feet after a few wears and continue to gain comfort and take shape over time (and they never smell – no socks, no problem). Sabahs are truly one–of–a–kind in terms of their construction style. Nothing else like it.

Mehmet, below, is one of the original craftsmen:

A bit of history:
This style of shoe was once the chosen shoe of southeastern Turkey and Syria (dating back nearly 1,000 years); and has now mostly disappeared as more modern shoes which are easier to make have become popular (the style of the traditional shoes is very “dated”). I personally discovered the shoe style because I lived in Istanbul for several years (working as an expat) and was gifted a pair by a friend whose grandmother grew up wearing this type of shoe. That first pair I had looked like a genie slipper (similar to the above in the photo in the background), but I was so impressed by the comfort and quality that I wore them almost everyday and everywhere I traveled: the beaches of France, dancing in Beirut, work trips, hiking through Morocco, even once with a Tuxedo to a fancy Turkish wedding. A year later, in that same pair, I was back in NYC (they had worn in beautifully and were even more comfortable) and I couldn’t find anything like them in the market. My friends and even strangers on the street were always asking me about them as well. So I sought out the craftsman through my friend’s grandmother, and over the course of six months, a couple trips to Gaziantep, (and many mistakes, I did not know a thing about shoemaking), I launched Sabah utilizing this family’s traditional construction technique and skilled craftsmen, but with a more modern design, better leathers and a replaceable natural rubber sole. We still make every pair by hand with those same craftsmen, today. There isn’t anyone else that can do it; although we are training more craftspeople as the business grows.”

If you love comfortable shoes, unique style, quality, and love being apart of movement…then check out Sabahs. To purchase your very own pair contact Mickey, the owner, via e-mail at  Please tell him Lauren sent you…

Everyday Life: Paco Collars

For those of you who know our dog Toby you know that he has style. Toby has his own wardrobe full of fabulous shirts, coats, and collars. When we first got Toby I was told there is no better place to go for collars/leashes than Paco Collars. They are custom-made and use the best quality leather. So without thinking twice I headed over to get him the collar of his dreams (or one of many). Considering Toby’s size (3.5 pounds) this was no easy task, however the staff was amazing and have now made two beautiful custom collars and leash for him. (Hopefully Toby figures out the whole walking on a leash concept so he can use his beautiful leash haha). If you love your dog or cat the way my family loves our precious little one, check out Paco Collars. They will work with you to make a beautiful collar for you precious 4 legged friend. You won’t be disappointed.

Fashion: The Great Frog

I may be a girly girl but I have a little rocker vibe in my style. I am not saying I’m wearing head to toe black all the time but I love hints of dark in any outfit. When I came across the great frog I knew I had to add one to my jewelry collection. Their pieces are heavy and handmade in London. I had the pleasure of working with Imogen, the store manager in Los Angeles, and found the perfect piece. She was amazing from start to finish and incredibly helpful. If you love a little rock and roll in your life I highly suggest you contact her and let her match a piece to your style. I know I will be back…