Book Reviews: Hearts in San Francisco

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent hopefully beating a cold.

If you have ever traveled to San Francisco you may have run into a heart sculpture somewhere in the city. Over the weekend I was at our local bookstore with my husband when I came across this book. I have been a huge fan of the hearts all over the city and thought what a wonderful idea to put them all in a book. This book takes you all around the different neighbor hoods and gives you a snippet about each sculpture. It also makes a great valentines day gift…and can be purchased here. This book not only has beautiful pictures but a description of the theme behind each heart and artist. Truly a great coffee table book and great addition to my book collection.
Have you ever seen any of these sculpture hearts around San Francisco?


Travel: Alcatraz Island

Welcome back. This week we are off to Alcatraz Island. Enjoy!

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“Alcatraz Island is located in San Francisco Bay, 1.5 miles offshore from San Francisco. You take a ferry out to the island. It is a notorious prison now a museum with fascinating audio tour. It once housed some of America’s most dangerous felons. Among those who served time there was Al Capone and murderer Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud. No inmate ever successfully escaped “The Rock” as the prison was nicknamed. The federal prison was built to house a criminal population too difficult or dangerous to be handled by other US penitentiaries. As you learn on the tour it also housed a number of rebellious American Indians. The prison guards and their families lived on the island. This maximum security prison was shut down in 1963 because of high operating expenses. It became a museum and open to the public in 1973. The tour of the island is beautiful and the prison itself eerie! Go check it out for yourselves. You won’t be sorry!”

Blog Post and Pictures by Margie Dingfelder

Fashion: Timbuk 2

When I started commuting on public transit I knew that carrying a cute handbag was not going to cut it. I adore my Longchamp bag…but lets be honest sometimes being cute isn’t the most practical. I was introduced to Timbuk2 by a very good friend. We were able to stop into their store in San Francisco and looked around to find the perfect size for me. I wanted something cross body that wouldn’t weigh me down. This bag is perfect. Its waterproof and super easy to carry. It also holds a ton of stuff and best of all is super durable. I know I will be able to carry this bag all year-long and will be perfect for traveling. If you have never heard of Timbuk2…I highly suggest you check it out. These bags can be purchased online here!
Do you have a favorite travel/work bag?

Travel: Welcome to San Francisco…Home of the Golden Gate

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Just imagine yourself driving over the Golden Gate Bridge into the beautiful city of San Francisco. Honestly heights are not really my thing but going over the Golden Gate Bridge is an experience you can’t miss. San Francisco is much like New York…but on a smaller scale. The city itself is also very relaxed, diverse, welcoming, and accepting of just about anything. I have lived in the Bay Area all my life and am truly thankful I have been surrounded by such liberal and accepting people. I have traveled to other places even within the US and it’s always eye-opening to see that the things accepted here in San Francisco are looked down upon elsewhere. San Francisco has so many fun places to visit, explore and taste. You have museums, City Hall, shopping, Japan Town, China Town, and the Mission District. If you have never stepped foot in this city…you a truly missing out on a one of a kind experience.
Have you ever been to San Francisco?