Everyday Life: Apple Watch Review

og_image s42sg-sbbk-sel_GEO_USI want to start off by saying I am a huge Apple fan. I normally love their products and believe everyone should love them too. However I am not a fan of the apple watch and actually ended up returning mine. Now before you think I’m jumping to conclusions, I want you to know that I used it religiously for almost 2 weeks. Also I purchased the sport version. Okay now onto my thoughts. At first…I was amazed at how light on the wrist, non invasive, and how easy it was to use. I thought it was a perfect fit to my everyday lifestyle and actually made my pay less attention to my phone throughout the day. However after days of use it started to become a bit invasive. Even though you can set your alerts to what you want to be notified on…I felt it was a constant interruption to my daily activities. It slowly became invasive. Another huge complaint I had was how hot the product became on my wrist. I am not sure if I had a defective product but by about mid day (everyday) the metal on the watch was almost burning my skin. By the beginning of the second week…I knew this product had to go back. As much as I love being in touch at all times…it allowed no break whatsoever as no matter what your doing…the watch will alert you. Once I realized this…it immediately went back to the store. Overall I am glad I gave it a chance, but would not recommend this to anyone for the reasons above.
Do you own the apple watch? If so…what are your thoughts?


Beauty: My Current Favorite Lip Look

I must admit I am a huge fan of light pink and pinkish nude lips. Surprise surprise…but I have never been one to go for a really bold lip. When I was at Sephora a few weeks back I decided to pick up the YSL Volute Sheer Candy in Tasty Raspberry and the cult favorite Buxom Lip Gloss in White Russian. I knew these would be the perfect pair and have been in love with the look of these two ever since. They are also beautiful on their own too. It’s funny because many years ago I remember purchasing the Buxom Gloss in White Russian and absolutely couldn’t stand the tingling and cooling sensation it has. I am still not a huge fan of the tingling and cooling but have been able to deal with it this time around.
Have you tried the YSL Volute Sheer Candy and the Buxom Lip Glosses?
If so…what are your favorite colors?

Everyday Life: Fisher Space Pen

Now I know most of you are thinking…has Lauren lost her mind?! Really a space pen?! Yes…I know a Space Pen and yes its pink. Recently I read a blog about these pens and how they are the same pens that astronauts use and can be used in extreme weather both hot and cold! It was sort of love at first sight. Now I may not be an astronaut and I may not need to write in below 30 degree or 250 degree weather…but I write and love pink! Sounds good enough right? I was so excited when it came in the mail. I have been using it now for a few days and must say its incredible and totally worth the hype.
Have you ever used a space pen?

Beauty: Hairspray!!!

Every girl needs a good hairspray. Ladies am I right? I feel like I have tried quite a few on the market and I always seem to come back to Kenra Volume Superhold hairspray. I not only love the hold that it gives but I also love the slight scent it has. I also love the fact that this hairspray never gives you the rock hard look. It’s a smooth spray with great texture. Kenra has a no animal testing rule and is manufactured in the USA . Every year they release a pink bottle for Breast Cancer. This is a great way to not only donate to breast cancer research but to also grab a great hairspray. Overall this is a great product and a great company. I will definitely continue supporting them.
Have you tried the Kenra hairspray?

Everyday Life: Purse Organizer


You know I have a thing for organization. So you can imagine the insides of my handbags are not off-limits when it comes to organization. I used to be a huge fan of large handbags but always got frustrated because they seemed like never-ending black holes. When I first discovered Purse To Go organizer I knew I had found the perfect solution. I have two…one in the square shape and one in the round shape (that can be adjusted with the velcro). I absolutely love these organizers and think they are the perfect way to organize all your contents and for anyone looking for a quick way to organize a big bag. The Purse To Go Organizers can be purchased here.
Have you ever tried a purse organizer?

Fashion: Summer Nail Look

I know this post is really more of a beauty topic but I think it fits into fashion as well. I think a nail color can add a lot to any outfit. I am quite funny when it comes to nail color as I either love very understated pinks or the extreme black or bright colors. I know quite opposite but both work well with my style. My all time favorite summer time pink is by Chanel – Mica Rose in number 495. I am sorry to say this is no longer available through Chanel because it really is the most perfect pink with a hint of shimmer. Believe it or not I am not into much shimmer when it comes to makeup so this is about as “crazy” as I get. Even though I love light pink…I am so ready for fall and all the fall nail colors.
What is your favorite nail color shade for summer?

Beauty: Cheeky!

image-2 image
If I could paint the world pink I would…so why not “paint” my cheeks pink everyday?! I say yes! I heart blush. I think blush makes your face come alive and adds a nice pop of color to your skin. My all time favorite blush has to be Givenchy Le Prisme in 24 It Girl. No the picture above does not do it justice (apologize for the blended look of colors) but I could not leave it out of this post. However some of my other favorites are MAC Summer Rose, Nars Mata Hari, MAC Tippy, and Tarte exposed. As you can see I have a small obsession with Pink (all shades) but I also love neutral cheek colors.
What is your favorite blush?