Hot Topics: The Tiny House Movement

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
This past weekend I watched the documentary Tiny Home Movement. It was surreal that people choose to live in such small homes…and I mean tiny some of these homes are 200 square feet. It really had me thinking…is living with just the necessities the way to live your life? All our lives we strive to have big homes, nice cars, great jobs, etc. We are always buying new things and constantly growing out of our living space. I was amazed at how at ease, happy, and content these individuals were in these space compact spaces. I think there is a lesson to learn…that we don’t necessary need all that we have and sometimes less is more. If you are curious to learn more about these tiny homes…check it out here.
What are your thoughts on the tiny home movement?


Everyday Life: Serving Life Documentary

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My favorite types of movies are either comedy or documentaries. I know completely different ends of the spectrum. Recently a co-worker of mine recommended this documentary and said it was a must see. I was so happy to find out that Netflix had this on their instant stream. My husband and I watched it that saturday…and I still can’t stop thinking about it. The touching documentary focuses on a group of men serving decades in the Louisiana Maximum Security Prison. This prison offers many jobs to the inmates as most of them will spend the remainder of their lives there. One of the jobs they can apply for is to become apart of the Hospice group. You follow the journey of these men as they apply, train, and become Hospice care for other dying inmates. This is truly touching and really makes you stop and reflect that even though these men have committed horrific crimes, we all deserve care in our final days.
Have you seen Serving Life?