Hot Topic: After the Olympic Games…

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was spent celebrating my Mom’s birthday and enjoying the last bit of summer weather. 
This past Sunday my husband and I were out for our usual lunch date. We started talking about the Olympic Games coming up next year and how much I love the Summer Games. We also discussed how absolutely sad and devastating it is when the games are over the stadiums and buildings are left to deteriorate over time…as seen in the pics above. This has been a hot topic every time an Olympic Games comes to an end. It amazes me that after all the Olympic Games no one has made this more of an issue. I could only hope that as time goes on we learn to reuse these stadiums and buildings to help the community and thank them for letting us host the Olympics in their city.
What are your ideas for using these Stadiums and buildings?


Everyday Life: Holiday Gift Guide

Image Courtesy of Yahoo

Since we have concentrated mostly on the woman in our life I enlisted the help of my husband to help come up with 5 gifts for the man in your life whether it’s your boyfriend/husband or father! Here are his picks:

Watch: My husband has always been a huge fan of watches. This item can set you back anywhere between $100-$$$$ thousands. My husband wears a G Shock (can be purchased here) to work and wears a Rolex (can be purchased here) on the weekends. A watch is like giving jewelry to a woman so make sure the item fits their style!

Wallet: Years ago I gave my husband a Louis Vuitton wallet. It too was a great gift…as it still looks in great condition. Spending a little more on a wallet can be a wise idea…as it will stand the test of time. Nordstrom has some great wallets for men and can be purchased here!

Gift card to Amazon: Such an awesome gift! Amazon has everything and anything you could ever want. Any guy or girl would love a gift card here. They can be purchased both online or in some retail stores.

Bottle of his favorite wine or liquor: To be able to pull this one off…you really need to know what they like to drink. Considering I do not drink…this is always a tough one for me. If you are unsure of what they like to drink…see if you can ask someone close to them what they enjoy. Your local wine boutique or a Costco (if you have one in your area) are great stores to shop a wide range of prices and options.

Tech gadget: Love this option! My husband loves phones, gaming systems, computers, tablets, headphones, etc. There are so many great choices to choose from along with different price ranges. If you have an electronic store such as Best Buy in your area…that would be a great one stop shop for anything tech!

What would you give the man in your life?

Everyday Life: Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hard to believe I am 27 today. Truthfully I feel like I’m turning 35, but am happy to know I have a few years before that number comes around. This year has been about stepping outside my comfort zone, learning what really matters, putting my happiness first, and doing things I have held off doing for years. I have always been told that I am “mature for my age”, “beyond my years” and “an old soul”, however this year I truly wanted to start really living my life and not settling just because I felt it was the right thing to do. This year I have made some of the best choices and so thankful to say that I am the happiest I have been in a long time. My husband (and family) has been such an amazing support and was the one who finally gave me the extra push I needed to create Life According to L.D. and I am so glad he did.
Here is to another fabulous year…and hope it only keeps getting better!