Fashion: Whats in my work bag?

A few weeks ago I featured what was in my weekend bag! This time I will show you what is in my work bag! Lets do it…


Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Azur PM
Wallet: Louis Vuitton Trunks and Bags Zippy Wallet (No longer available)
Toiletry Bag: Fendi
Coin Purse: Louis Vuitton
Small Pouch: Louis Vuitton Wapity (No longer available)
Key Holder: Louis Vuitton Cles/4 Key holder
B Pouch: Beats Headphones

Whats in your work bag?


Fashion: Key chains…Are you crazy?!

Yes…you read the title right…today we are talking key chains. I have a major addiction to handbags and accessories and key chains are no exception.  I normally spend a small fortune on key chains that I know will last me for many years. I have two sets of keys I carry around on a everyday basis. My first set is strictly just my car key on its own key chain. I recently purchased a new car and felt it was time to celebrate with a new key chain (yes I do know how crazy and absurd this sounds). I searched the entire US to find this Hermes Carmen bicolor in black and wine. I finally located it in the San Francisco Hermes Boutique and couldn’t be more excited. My second set of keys contain my house keys, mail key, etc, have been securely placed in my Louis Vuitton 6 Key ring holder for over 4 years. I truly love this key ring and can’t recommend it enough. I know spending this kind of money sounds crazy (yes crazy) on a key chain, but in my opinion if they last you years and truly make you happy…why not!
Do you have a favorite key chain accessory?

Fashion: Putting an Outfit Together

image-2 image-3
In a few short weeks my husband and I have a wedding to attend. Putting this outfit together to wear to the wedding made me think…how do other girls/women put their outfits together? I normally base my daily outfits on my mood and choose my pieces in the morning. I do not do a whole lot of pre planning except when it comes to special occasions. As you can see I love black and white and truly adore this outfit. It has all the classic pieces…including a few fun pieces such as the shoes. These shoes are from BCBG Generation and can be found at Macys. My Mom recently picked these up and she knew they had my name written all over them (I have a love of black and white). It was quite a hunt but I found the last one in my size. I can’t wait to debut them!
Do you pre plan your outfits?

Everyday Life: Notebooks

There is really nothing better than a good notebook. I am not biased on size or shape…I just love paper and everything involving organization. I have notebooks ranging from Hermes, Street Vendors, May Designs, Erin Condren and more. I love hand writing and feel with social media, e-mail, and texting…the art has somewhat been lost. In order to “keep hand writing alive” in my world…I choose to have a 1000 notebooks. Sounds justifiable right?!
Do you have a favorite type of notebook?

Fashion: Arm Candy


Hermes Clic Bracelet
Tiffany Beaded Bracelet
Mae Movement Bracelets
Michael Kors Watch
Cartier Love Bracelets
Links of London Friendship Bracelet
Silver Bangle (no name)
G and B Nail Bracelet

I have always had a love of jewelry and bracelets are no exception. Arm candy can be anything and everything you love stacked on either or both arms. Whether you like stacking a watch and some bangles, bangles and cuffs, mixing metals, the choices are endless. It is also a great way to make any outfit come together. What are your favorite arm candy looks?