Everyday Life: Apple Watch Review

og_image s42sg-sbbk-sel_GEO_USI want to start off by saying I am a huge Apple fan. I normally love their products and believe everyone should love them too. However I am not a fan of the apple watch and actually ended up returning mine. Now before you think I’m jumping to conclusions, I want you to know that I used it religiously for almost 2 weeks. Also I purchased the sport version. Okay now onto my thoughts. At first…I was amazed at how light on the wrist, non invasive, and how easy it was to use. I thought it was a perfect fit to my everyday lifestyle and actually made my pay less attention to my phone throughout the day. However after days of use it started to become a bit invasive. Even though you can set your alerts to what you want to be notified on…I felt it was a constant interruption to my daily activities. It slowly became invasive. Another huge complaint I had was how hot the product became on my wrist. I am not sure if I had a defective product but by about mid day (everyday) the metal on the watch was almost burning my skin. By the beginning of the second week…I knew this product had to go back. As much as I love being in touch at all times…it allowed no break whatsoever as no matter what your doing…the watch will alert you. Once I realized this…it immediately went back to the store. Overall I am glad I gave it a chance, but would not recommend this to anyone for the reasons above.
Do you own the apple watch? If so…what are your thoughts?


Everyday Life: Summer Recap!

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week. I must say…its been amazing to be back up and back on schedule. I thought a fun recap would be a great way to wrap up the week. I have picked 5 of my top summer favs to share with you all.

sara-happ-the-lip-slip1. Sara Happ Lip Slip/Sugar Scrub
*I can’t wait to do a review on this stuff. Its amazing. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get my hands on it.

*I was so sad to hear that Louis Vuitton was discontinuing their Multicolor line. I knew I had to get my hands on one piece before they went away forever. This wallet has quickly become my favorite long wallet that holds everything I need and more…with staying slim.

th3. The Weeknd
*I am absolutely in love with his music. He just recently released a new album that is on constant repeat. I am so looking forward to his concert in December!

05_01_13_drybar_114. DryBar Products
*I must say…I was very worried about these products, as some big chain salons don’t make the best products…but this is worth your time. I absolutely love the smell and the overall finished product it provides. If you do not have a DryBar near you…check out your local Sephora.

gt-kombucha5. Kombucha
*I know kind of a silly summer fav…but I adore these drinks. They are refreshing and good for your body and soul. They have a bit of a vinegar taste…so be aware.

What have your top 5 summer favorites been?

Everyday Life: Reflecting on the Last Year

This past weekend I turned 28 and thought what better everyday life topic than to reflect on the last year. Its funny some people say that your golden year is when you turn the age of your birth date…mine being the 27th…and looking back…I couldn’t agree more. The last year has been one of the most rewarding and challenging years. We sold our first home, purchased our second, I made the best decision career wise, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in the place it all started…Palm Springs, I suffered for 12 weeks from Mono, the list goes on and on. I have to say that I wouldn’t trade last year for anything. I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life and can’t wait to see what this year has to bring!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Everyday Life: Handbag Tag!

marca_ilovebagsHold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen…Lauren is doing the handbag tag! I have been a lover of handbags as far back as I can remember and this just seems so fitting…Lets get started…

Q. What is your favorite handbag and why?
A. I would say my absolute favorite handbag would have to be my Chanel jumbo flap. In my current collection…and all the bags I have owned…it is definitely the best all around bag.
Q. Do I baby my handbags?
A. Yes! To me they are investments and I treat them as such.
Q. Do I consider myself a collector?
A. Yes! I would say I have been seriously collecting for about 8 years now.
Q. Can you part with them if I had to?
A. Definitely. As much as I love them…they are not everything to me.
Q. When did I fall in love with handbags?
A. Being a true girly girl…I fell in love with handbags from a very early age. I think one of the main factors I fell in love was because of the feminine touch it adds to any outfit.
Q. What was your first designer handbag?
A. My first designer bag was Dooney and Bourke when I turned 15. It was the beginning of it all.
Q. What was the experience like?
A. It was my first huge purchase I made with my own money I earned from work. Felt amazing!
Q. Why do I think I’m obsessed with handbags?
A. I think for me its about having my perfect collection. Just when you feel you have reached it…another bag comes on the market. Its a never ending battle.
Q. Is there an emotional component?
A. I think so. I hold on to bags that hold sentimental value to me and will never sell them for that purpose. Other than that…if the bag isn’t being used its time to sell.
Q. Do I plan or impulse buy?
A. I rarely impulse buy as I do my research before making purchases etc. Its the impulse buys that sadly dont last long in my collection. Lesson learned over the years.
Q. What is my favorite handbag designer?
A. Chanel without a doubt.
Q. What is my dream bag?
A. A Birkin. I have dreamed of owning that bag since the beginning of my collection. Its just the ultimate handbag in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed the handbag tag. I tag all of you and ask you leave your responses in the comments!

Everyday Life: Apple Watch

I have thought long and hard if the Apple Watch would be worth it for me. I absolutely adore all Apple products but the watch was a whole new product…I truthfully wasn’t sure I needed or fit for my lifestyle. I held off and have watched video after video on YouTube and also read tons of reviews online to help me decide on what to do. One thing everyone agrees on…this product is a pleasant surprise. I scheduled an appointment to try on the watch at my local store. I have to say the try on process was wonderful. I loved getting a hands on feel and was amazed at how light the watch felt on my wrist. I also adored the feel of the sport band..very comfortable and lightweight. I must say…this is definitely on my wishlist…and will let you all know what I decide to do.
Do you have the Apple Watch?

Everyday Life: Louis Vuitton Hot Stamping

I get a lot of questions from other Louis Vuitton handbag lovers about whether or not to hot stamp their items. If you are unfamiliar with hot stamping it is when you purchase a product from Louis Vuitton and they stamp your initials on an item such as a wallet or small leather good free of charge. Both my husband and I have had items hot stamped and they have lasted incredibly well. The two pictures above are of items that we have had for over 5 years and use on a daily basis. Now I will admit years ago I had a wallet hot stamped with my initials and regretted it right away. In the long run…I ended up selling the wallet because it bothered me so much. I suggest you really think it through before committing to hot stamping. The wonderful thing about Louis Vuitton is that you can come back anytime and they will hot stamp your items for free and you don’t have to decide right then and there.
Have you ever had an item hot stamped?

Everyday Life: Returning Beauty Products?

thIt seems that people have a mixed feeling on returning beauty products if they are not in love with them. I however only buy my beauty products from stores that have a generous return policy. If I am willing to invest money in a product and am not in love with it you can guarantee its going back. Thankfully Sephora and Nordstrom offer an amazing return policy. These businesses understand that you may not love a product and want you to be happy with your purchase. I truly believe that when someone is happy with their purchase you can guarantee they will be back time and time again.
How do you feel about returning beauty products?

Everyday Life: Iphone 6 Plus Apple Leather Case

thEver since purchasing the Apple iPhone 6 plus…I have had the hardest time finding the perfect case. Normally I am a phone case junkie…but I have had an extremely hard time finding cases for the iPhone 6 plus that appealed to me. I have had my eye on the Apple leather cases since they were released and was always hesitant as the lightest color was my favorite but was worried about getting it dirty or having to baby it in any way. I finally gave in as my plastic silicone case was getting majorly scratched up and took the plunge. Once the case was on the phone I could immediately tell why it cost $49. The leather is incredibly soft and stunning and adds just enough protection to the phone. Had I known I would have liked it this much…I would have splurged on it long ago.
What is your favorite phone case?