Fashion: Ralph Lauren Leather Slip Ons

I love flats. I have a serious thing for them…and if they come in black and leather…even better. When I saw these Ralph Lauren black leather slip ons a few weeks back I knew they had to be mine. They are the perfect shoe that is comfortable the minute you take them out of the box. I greatly appreciate that, as I do quite a bit of walking through out the day. If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish slip on shoe…I suggest you give these a try on the next time you are in Macy’s.
Do you have a favorite slip on shoe?


Fashion: Tory Burch York Ballet Flat

3009944-p-MULTIVIEWYears ago I used to manage a shoe store and always wore heels or wedges, but once I got some sense knocked into me…I fell in love with flats…and basically have worn them ever since. Years ago…when the Tory Burch hype began…I picked up a similar style to the York Ballet flat. I was so disappointed as they were extremely hard on your feet, uncomfortable, and they took forever to break in. Even though I adore the look of them…comfort means too much to me to spend a lot on another pair. I may try another style of hers in the future…but my first impression was not the greatest.
Do you like Tory Burch flats…if so what is your favorite style?

Fashion: Bootie Obsession

_9436215 _9436230
All my life boots or booties have never been my style or my thing. I guess they were too much of a statement piece for my style then. As I’ve grown up and grown into my style…booties are my new obsession. I have been eyeing some Rag and Bone Booties for a while and will maybe put them on my christmas wish list. Being in the city has also pushed me towards comfort and a good pair of black booties can go along way. At least that’s what I am telling myself.
Do you have a favorite go to black bootie?

Fashion: Nike ID

image-4 image-5
I am a sucker for anything you can design yourself or personalized. When I first heard about Nike ID…I thought…how cool is it that you can design your own shoe and pick all your own colors?! I contemplated going through the Nike ID process for so long…until I finally bit the bullet. Now let me say you must have patience. I have none…so this is why I am warning you now. The process itself takes almost two months. I went back and forth for a few days until I decided on the best combo for me. As you can see in the above picture…I wanted bright colors and something unique. I have had these shoes now for almost 2 years and must say they are the most comfortable and durable shoes I own. I absolutely love the colors (that still glow to this day) and the way these shoes fit. If you have been thinking about going through this process…I highly suggest it. Just don’t stand by the door waiting for the shoes haha.
Have you ever gone through the Nike ID process?

Fashion: Wildfox

Wildfox! These pull over sweatshirt like tops are amazing! I first discovered them in a magazine and thought they were a cute thing for travel. I love to be comfortable while traveling and this seemed like a great thing to have on hand. When my family was in Las Vegas I figured it would be the perfect time to scoop one up. However these were harder to find than I thought. After a hard intense search I was able to find my baby blue new york city pullover (pictured on the top right). Since Vegas I have picked up two more to add to my small collection (LA skyline in a heart and California Girl). I love these tops to pieces and wear them on the weekend during the fall and winter. Wildfox can be purchased here.
Do you own any Wildfox pieces?

Fashion: Sabahs

image-3 image-4
These were such a great find from a co-worker. Let me introduce to you Sabahs. Here is a little description from the owner:

“Every pair of Sabahs is handmade using a traditional method of shoe construction cultivated over generations in the ancient bazaar of Gaziantep, Turkey. We work with traditional cobblers whose families have been making this style of shoe for 500 years in the very same bazaar. The method of construction is quite difficult and tedious (it requires extensive training to make), but the result is a pair of shoes that are remarkably comfortable, really well made and distinct looking. Also, since they are all very high quality leather and materials (the sole is a thick natural leather as well) – Sabahs mold to your feet after a few wears and continue to gain comfort and take shape over time (and they never smell – no socks, no problem). Sabahs are truly one–of–a–kind in terms of their construction style. Nothing else like it.

Mehmet, below, is one of the original craftsmen:

A bit of history:
This style of shoe was once the chosen shoe of southeastern Turkey and Syria (dating back nearly 1,000 years); and has now mostly disappeared as more modern shoes which are easier to make have become popular (the style of the traditional shoes is very “dated”). I personally discovered the shoe style because I lived in Istanbul for several years (working as an expat) and was gifted a pair by a friend whose grandmother grew up wearing this type of shoe. That first pair I had looked like a genie slipper (similar to the above in the photo in the background), but I was so impressed by the comfort and quality that I wore them almost everyday and everywhere I traveled: the beaches of France, dancing in Beirut, work trips, hiking through Morocco, even once with a Tuxedo to a fancy Turkish wedding. A year later, in that same pair, I was back in NYC (they had worn in beautifully and were even more comfortable) and I couldn’t find anything like them in the market. My friends and even strangers on the street were always asking me about them as well. So I sought out the craftsman through my friend’s grandmother, and over the course of six months, a couple trips to Gaziantep, (and many mistakes, I did not know a thing about shoemaking), I launched Sabah utilizing this family’s traditional construction technique and skilled craftsmen, but with a more modern design, better leathers and a replaceable natural rubber sole. We still make every pair by hand with those same craftsmen, today. There isn’t anyone else that can do it; although we are training more craftspeople as the business grows.”

If you love comfortable shoes, unique style, quality, and love being apart of movement…then check out Sabahs. To purchase your very own pair contact Mickey, the owner, via e-mail at  Please tell him Lauren sent you…