Hot Topic: Ebola Becoming an Epidemic?

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For the past few months we have been hearing non stop about Ebola and the whole world trying to find a solution before it becomes an epidemic. The more I read about the illness…the more I become terrified. It’s truly a reality check when you see these types of illnesses hit close to home and you see the doctors and nurses who are helping these patients…contract the illness themselves.  Yahoo recently put together a photo montage of Ebola in New York City.
Have you read much about Ebola?


Book Review: New Concept? “Where’s the Tape?

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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I have been thinking of adding a new “co topic” to my book reviews section. I also read many magazines and newspaper articles and wanted to bring those in for discussion.
This week I wanted to focus on the topic of the National Football League’s new rules and regulations regarding domestic violence. Yahoo news released this article about how America is responding to the tape released of Ray Rice and his wife Janay. For me this is such a personal topic that I almost rather not touch on it. But being who I am…and not standing for domestic violence…I will not keep quiet. I believe the NFL was correct in suspending Ray Rice indefinitely…and the Baltimore Ravens were correct in firing him…but the worry for me is what happens now. Where does the relationship go from here.?  My personal hope is that Ray and his wife can find help in both how to stop the cycle and how to prevent this from happening again. There is a small child involved that they both need to be role models for.
How do you feel about the news article released?

Book Review: Horoscopes for the Dead

Horoscopes for the Dead by Billy Collins
Retail – $24.00

I love poetry and always have had a soft spot in my heart for it…just normally don’t go for it when choosing a book for myself. This lovely book was gifted to me by my boss after a poem inside reminded her of me. This book was a real treat to read. It is the type of poetry that makes you think, reflect and search within yourself. If you are looking for a pleasure read…this is for you. Billy Collins is a wonderful poet has been given the title “America’s most popular poet”.
Have you read Horoscopes for the Dead?

Book Review: Magazine anyone?

I love reading. There is something about getting lost in a story and never wanting it to end. Some days though I feel like a quick read…which means I reach for a magazine. I love beauty, fashion, and gossip magazines including People, Vogue, Us Weekly and Elle. This week I thought we could explore my love affair with Elle Magazine. Elle offers everything I love…stars, beauty tips, reviews, fashion ads, and interviews. I normally only treat myself to magazines if I am traveling…but in the spirit of having a three-day weekend…I thought why not. I have been enjoying the July 2014 issue…I know a month behind…but highly recommend you pick one up.
What is your favorite magazine?

Book Review: The House of Mondavi

The House of Mondavi by Julia Flynn Siler
Retail – $28.00
My husband works in wine…so for him reading about the history of wines is all apart of his passion. Recently he picked up The House of Mondavi at our local bookstore and decided to take a deeper look into the relationship between Robert and Peter Mondavi. This book tells the rise and fall of the Mondavi wine dynasty and shows how Robert Mondavi put Napa wines on the map. The story not only takes you inside the family’s history but also their incredible wine dynasty they built. If you have a passion for wine and curious to read the history of some of the most famous winemakers…I highly suggest reading this book.
Have you read The House of Mondavi?

Book Review: Lake Como

Lake Como by Anita Hughes
Retail – $15.99
This book is a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Lake Como takes you on a journey of a young woman who finds herself in need of some soul-searching after finding her boyfriend kissing her boss. Her world is suddenly upside down and lies start to become the norm. She decides to visit her family in Lake Como where she discovers way more than she bargained for. This story will make your heart skip a beat and keep you wanting more. I am so thankful to have found Anita Hughes. She is truly an amazing author. I will definitely be picking up Monarch Beach, which will be her third book for me to read.
Have you read Lake Como?

Book Review: Living Beauty

Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown
Retail – $29.99
This book is amazing. I found it on a whim about 6 months ago at my local bookstore and I am so glad I did. This book is truly about beauty as a whole and covers everything from Role Models, Skin Savers, Makeup Face-Life, tips on how to create your ideal look, and many more. This book does not just focus on your appearance but your inner beauty and how to truly achieve beautiful, healthy looking skin. This book is great for all ages and lovers of beauty products. I truly enjoyed the section on skin savers which went in to description and shared real life experiences of Retinoids, Chemical Peel, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, and Spa Facials. Truly educational and a good book to have on hand for any skin emergency.
Have you read Living Beauty?

Book Review: Landline

Landline by Rainbow Rowell
Retail – $24.99
It always makes me nervous when I walk in the bookstore with not a book in mind. I usually always have the next book ready to go or one on my wish list. I walked around aimlessly looking around when I came across Landline. The cover immediately caught my attention and I was intrigued by the summary on the inside cover. Landline is about a stay at home Dad/Husband, unsure of what he wants, and a Wife who is on the brink of stardom with her new hit show. Georgie, the Mother/Wife, is unable to commit to going to Nebraska for Christmas to see her husband’s family due to work commitments. This story is about fate, commitment, and true love. I absolutely love Rainbow Rowell’s style of writing and can’t wait to start her other novel “Attachments”.
Have you read Landline or any books by Rainbow Rowell?

Book Review: Star Island

image-2Star Island by Carl Hiaasen
Retail – $14.99
Carl Hiaasen is a wonderful story-teller. His writing style is right up my alley! This story is about a 22 year-old pop star named Cherry Pye. She is attempting to make a comeback after some drug and alcohol incidents, that to say the least have hurt her reputation. Thanks to her undercover double, her comeback may actually work until her double is kidnapped in South Beach by a crazy paparazzo named Bang. Things turn out to be a bit more complicated than originally planned. This story takes you for a ride and certainly plays on the American Celebrity Culture. Overall a great read!
Have you read Star Island or any other books by Carl Hiaasen?

Book Review: Arranged

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie
Retail – $14.99
I must admit part of the reason this book caught my attention was because it was on the sale table, but the description on the back intrigued me enough to purchase this and take it home with me. This entertaining love story is about a girl named Anne who cant seem to find the right guy for her. While her best friend is off getting engaged and planning her wedding to the guy of her dreams, Anne decides to take matters into her own hands and hires an agency to arrange her marriage for her. This story is about friendship, honesty, love, and what truly connects you and your spouse to make a successful marriage.
Have you read Arranged or any other stories by Catherine McKenzie?