Beauty: Diorsnow UV Protection BB Creme 020

Ever since BB Cream became the “it” thing on the beauty market I have been hooked. I think it’s a great option for everyday wear, especially for those who don’t need a full foundation. I am a firm believer in wearing little to no make up and having a natural look. I really only like being “done up” for special occasions. I purchased this BB cream a little over 6 months ago. I do love the coverage and texture…however it does feel a bit heavy at times. My mother also purchased this and had a terrible skin reaction. She immediately stopped using it. Even though I did not have the same reaction, I do not believe I will repurchase this. Even though I love the coverage…it does seem a  bit heavy for being a BB cream. I will soon be on the lookout for another BB cream option.
Do you have any suggestions for BB creams to try?


Beauty: Whats In My Makeup Bag



In the spirit of showing you what was in my work bag and everyday bag I thought why not share what’s in my makeup bag. I keep a small makeup bag on my counter of all the products I’m currently using and loving. Then whenever I get bored with a product I go and “shop my stash”. The makeup bag I’ve been using for years is by Prada and is from their nylon collection. This makeup bag is super high quality and can even be thrown in the wash for a quick cleanup. Without further ado…here is what’s in my makeup bag…

BB Cream by Lioele
Concealer by Clea de Peau
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo and Brow Wiz
Mata Hari Blush by Nars
Diorshow Mascara by Dior
Creme De Rose by Dior
Turkish Delight Lipgloss by Nars
No. 7 Lipgloss by YSL
Nude Vanille Lipstick by Tom Ford
Betsey Johnson Tweezers by Tweezerman

What is in your everyday makeup bag?