Everyday Life: Apple Watch Review

og_image s42sg-sbbk-sel_GEO_USI want to start off by saying I am a huge Apple fan. I normally love their products and believe everyone should love them too. However I am not a fan of the apple watch and actually ended up returning mine. Now before you think I’m jumping to conclusions, I want you to know that I used it religiously for almost 2 weeks. Also I purchased the sport version. Okay now onto my thoughts. At first…I was amazed at how light on the wrist, non invasive, and how easy it was to use. I thought it was a perfect fit to my everyday lifestyle and actually made my pay less attention to my phone throughout the day. However after days of use it started to become a bit invasive. Even though you can set your alerts to what you want to be notified on…I felt it was a constant interruption to my daily activities. It slowly became invasive. Another huge complaint I had was how hot the product became on my wrist. I am not sure if I had a defective product but by about mid day (everyday) the metal on the watch was almost burning my skin. By the beginning of the second week…I knew this product had to go back. As much as I love being in touch at all times…it allowed no break whatsoever as no matter what your doing…the watch will alert you. Once I realized this…it immediately went back to the store. Overall I am glad I gave it a chance, but would not recommend this to anyone for the reasons above.
Do you own the apple watch? If so…what are your thoughts?


Everyday Life: Apple Watch

I have thought long and hard if the Apple Watch would be worth it for me. I absolutely adore all Apple products but the watch was a whole new product…I truthfully wasn’t sure I needed or fit for my lifestyle. I held off and have watched video after video on YouTube and also read tons of reviews online to help me decide on what to do. One thing everyone agrees on…this product is a pleasant surprise. I scheduled an appointment to try on the watch at my local store. I have to say the try on process was wonderful. I loved getting a hands on feel and was amazed at how light the watch felt on my wrist. I also adored the feel of the sport band..very comfortable and lightweight. I must say…this is definitely on my wishlist…and will let you all know what I decide to do.
Do you have the Apple Watch?

Everyday Life: Stylish Tablet and Laptop Covers

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There is nothing better than a good gadget in your life. Apple, Samsung, Nook, etc…I love them all. Part of the excitement about getting a new tablet is finding an adorable case to match. I know…silly but so very true. My go to place for gadget gear is OhKoey! I absolutely adore Corri and Vicki. Here is a quick bio from their new website!

isc_190x190.1493315232_jawf_compact“Our shop is a creative mix of handmade items made by a Mother Daughter team. A long story short, during her college years, Corri {the daughter half} ended up working with Vicki {the mother half} . Never did we dream that years later we would have a wonderful time working together every day creating beautiful goodies.”

These ladies carry everything from laptop sleeves, iPad and ereader cases, messenger bags, to pillows and other home goods! All beautifully handcrafted and made by these beautiful ladies. If you are looking for a high quality and incredibly gorgeous gadget case or gift for a loved one…I highly suggest you check them out here or on their etsy shop here!

Please tell them I sent you!

Everyday Life: Iphone 6 plus your mine!

Happy Friday everyone. Last week I updated you all on my late night order of the iPhone 6 plus. Well I have many lucky stars to thank because this lady got herself an iPhone 6 plus on release day! To say the least I am very lucky that I did not have to wait hours outside in the freezing cold! I literally called all over the bay area and located one left at a Costco! Yes Costco! Who would have thought! After work I headed over and began the long process of getting a new phone. Yes we all know that its never a quick and easy process. By the time I headed home…I was exhausted but so excited! I absolutely love the phone. Its huge but not as over the top as I originally thought. The screen is crisp and clear and is quite an upgrade from my 5s. To anyone that was worried if the 6 plus is too large…I think it will be an adjustment…but worth it.
Did you pick up the new iPhone 6 or 6 plus?

Everyday Life: Iphone 6 plus anyone?

th(Image courtesy of Yahoo)

I am a true lover of all things Apple. Honestly every tech device I own and use in my everyday life is Apple. So it is only fitting that I order the new iPhone right? Why not! I truly was leaning more towards the 6 (smaller of the two) but after talking with my sister in laws…they said Lauren… you either go big or go home. I said your right let’s do it. So there I was up at midnight trying to get my hands on the new iPhone. It took until 1:10am for me to successfully put in my order and obtain a confirmation number. Now after staying up to pre-order my iPhone…if you asked me would I do it again… probably not. Considering my shipping date isn’t until mid to late October…I am not impressed. I could have gained a few more hours of sleep and less stress and still received my phone around the same time as everyone else. But yes I am crazy and in love with all things Apple. I can’t wait for it to arrive and will definitely do a review of it once I receive it.
Did you order the new iPhone 6?