Travel: Preparing for Travel

Here is a great list of things to do in preparation for travel. I hope these guidelines help!

1. Talk to your doctor if you have an medical concerns and ask if you need immunizations. Fill your prescriptions so you have enough while you are gone. Check to see if you will need a vacation override.

2. Bring your health insurance information and travel insurance policy. I can’t stress enough what peace of mind travel insurance can be.

3. Provide family and emergency contacts with a copy of your itinerary including phone numbers, etc.

4. Call your bank and credit card companies so they know where charges can be coming from. Otherwise distant charges may look like fraud.

5. If you have pets, find a good caregiver so you don’t worry about them while you are gone.

6. If you will be traveling for a long time be sure to have someone check on your house, alarm the house and or keep lights on so it looks like someone is home. Stop mail and newspapers too.

7. Arrange for rides to and from the airport. If we have an early morning flight we stay the night in a Park, Sleep Fly hotel that keeps your car there for free for up to two weeks.

8. Get special luggage tags so you can spot your luggage in baggage claim.

9. Start putting clothes and shoes aside that you will want to pack ahead of time. Packing aides. I am in love with E-Bags, toiletries bags, shoe bags, messenger bags, travel purses etc. They help you stay organized and wrinkle free. Pack two extra collapsible bags for extras you are bringing home and one for dirty clothes.

10. Go online to check your seats on the plane. You can find your plane online and if economy comfort seats are available I highly encourage you to upgrade. It’s often as good as business class.
Check on seat guru! You can also check in for your flights 24 hours ahead of time and print your boarding passes. Also confirm flight times and how far ahead of time you will need to be at the airport.

11. Bring a book, kindle, ipad, tablet, cell phone, computer and camera. Downloading books and movies to watch on the plane is great. Don’t forget the chargers!!!

12. Check with your airlines what luggage size and weight restrictions they have for checked and carryons are.

13. If you are traveling out of the country don’t forget your birth certificate, passport and electrical converters.

14. We all pack our toiletries last yet we often forget some. Make a list to check off before you leave.

15. New RFID wallets keep your credit card numbers from being stolen. I use one all the time now.

16. Make sure to keep essentials in your carry on in case you lose your luggage. Remember the rule for liquids is that everything needs to fit in a quart size zip loc bag.

17. Don’t Over Pack Like I Do! Less is usually more.

18. Enjoy every moment of your trip. Things don’t always go as planned but you come home with the best stories.

*This blog post by Margie Dingfelder


Travel: Packing Lists for Upcoming Road Trip

I am so excited to be heading out on vacation soon. I thought in honor of our trip I would share with you my packing lists. This trip we are driving instead of flying so I thought that might add a bit of freedom since we do not have to follow airport security rules. Yay!


I can’t wait to get packing and hit the open road. Even though traveling by car takes a bit longer…there is something so nice about just throwing stuff in the car and heading out and not worrying about the airport.
What is a must have on your packing lists?

Travel: My Travel Must Haves with RelayRides!

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The start of a new year always starts the vacation planning! I was so excited when RelayRides reached out to me asking what my travel must haves are! I thought what a great idea to share some of my must haves when I travel with my readers! RelayRides is a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service connecting car owners with renters. I have been a huge fan of ZipCar for many years and love the concept of RelayRides. I love to travel…it is in my blood. Some of the things I can’t leave home without would have to include my cell phone, chargers, iPad, beauty/skin products, jeans, t-shirts, my Sabahs…and last but not least my wallet! I can leave home without a lot of things, as many things can be purchased when I get to my destination, but my items listed above I can’t enjoy a trip without!
I can’t wait to hear your travel must haves and make sure to check out RelayRides here and their car rentals before your next trip! th