Hot Topics: Over 30 TV Shows Being Cancelled!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day!
Over this past weekend Entertainment Weekly released the Broadcast Ax list! Over 30 shows on multiple networks will be canceled for the 2015-2016 season! I am a true lover of reality shows and documentaries, so some of these shows are not such a devastating loss…but I did notice some of these shows have been on for years! I hope your favorite shows are not on this list!
What are your favorite TV shows?


Travel: 2015 Plans?


This past weekend my Mom and I were chatting about travel ideas for the next upcoming year. It made us think…we share our travel experiences and journeys with all of you…but we don’t get to hear all the wonderful places you have traveled to.
This week we would love to hear your travel plans for 2015 and what has been your all time favorite place to visit…you never know we may add it to our list of places!

Everyday Life: Midori Travelers Notebook


As apart of my New Years resolution I decided I would start journaling on a daily basis. It’s quite the commitment…at least more so than I thought…but it’s proven to be a great thing. I have decided to write a quick note at the end of everyday…to see if it would help sort of clear my brain at night. I decided to go with the Midori Travelers Notebook as it offered everything I wanted and more. It’s a beautiful leather cover that allows you to customize the inside with different notebooks and folders etc. It’s the perfect notebook to record your daily thoughts in. It’s also one of those items that gets better with age. Just like my Filofax you can really make it what you want. I loved the system so much I decided to purchase the passport size as well. I am using this smaller size as my gratitude journal and am writing 3 things I am thankful for everyday. I also have written all my favorite quotes inside as well. It’s been a wonderful thing and definitely part of my positive 2015 goal! If you are looking for a wonderful journal or notebook I highly suggest the Midori travelers notebooks. They are very high quality and offer high quality paper inserts.
Do you journal? If so what is your favorite journal?

Travel: My Travel Must Haves with RelayRides!

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The start of a new year always starts the vacation planning! I was so excited when RelayRides reached out to me asking what my travel must haves are! I thought what a great idea to share some of my must haves when I travel with my readers! RelayRides is a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service connecting car owners with renters. I have been a huge fan of ZipCar for many years and love the concept of RelayRides. I love to travel…it is in my blood. Some of the things I can’t leave home without would have to include my cell phone, chargers, iPad, beauty/skin products, jeans, t-shirts, my Sabahs…and last but not least my wallet! I can leave home without a lot of things, as many things can be purchased when I get to my destination, but my items listed above I can’t enjoy a trip without!
I can’t wait to hear your travel must haves and make sure to check out RelayRides here and their car rentals before your next trip! th

Beauty: Elizabeth and James Nirvana for Her

For Christmas I was gifted a very generous gift card to Sephora from my sister-in-law (thank you Leti!). I immediately knew it was time for a new fragrance for 2015. Can you tell I am on a kick with starting fresh here?! I popped into Sephora and headed straight for the fragrance section. Normally I am extremely picky and only stick to what works…sort of my motto…but this time I thought to branch out and picked up the Elizabeth and James Nirvana for Her in Black. The scent is described as a Violet, Sandalwood, and Vanilla blend. I would say that description is right on and best part is it doesn’t have an overpowering smell. I definitely think its worth a sniff the next time you are at Sephora or a department store and can be purchased here.
Have you tried Elizabeth and James Nirvana?