Everyday Life: Louis Vuitton Hot Stamping

I get a lot of questions from other Louis Vuitton handbag lovers about whether or not to hot stamp their items. If you are unfamiliar with hot stamping it is when you purchase a product from Louis Vuitton and they stamp your initials on an item such as a wallet or small leather good free of charge. Both my husband and I have had items hot stamped and they have lasted incredibly well. The two pictures above are of items that we have had for over 5 years and use on a daily basis. Now I will admit years ago I had a wallet hot stamped with my initials and regretted it right away. In the long run…I ended up selling the wallet because it bothered me so much. I suggest you really think it through before committing to hot stamping. The wonderful thing about Louis Vuitton is that you can come back anytime and they will hot stamp your items for free and you don’t have to decide right then and there.
Have you ever had an item hot stamped?


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