Everyday Life: Returning Beauty Products?

thIt seems that people have a mixed feeling on returning beauty products if they are not in love with them. I however only buy my beauty products from stores that have a generous return policy. If I am willing to invest money in a product and am not in love with it you can guarantee its going back. Thankfully Sephora and Nordstrom offer an amazing return policy. These businesses understand that you may not love a product and want you to be happy with your purchase. I truly believe that when someone is happy with their purchase you can guarantee they will be back time and time again.
How do you feel about returning beauty products?


2 thoughts on “Everyday Life: Returning Beauty Products?

  1. I completely agree but I tend to not take advantage of return polices for example I just purchased NARS concealer which I have read many rave reviews about and while I like it, I am disappointed. At 35.00 I should return it but I do like the brightening feature. what to do???

    • That is so funny you mention NARS concealer. I felt the exact same way. I too held onto it in hopes I would like it better. I also love the brightening feature but would definitely not purchase again! Thanks for sharing!

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