Fashion: Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote


Work bags can be so hit and miss. I am the first one in line to splurge on handbags but cannot seem to do so when it comes to work bags. I know it really doesn’t make sense to me either. After looking through my handbag collection I realized every bag I own is in black…that doesn’t surprise me either. I love the style of this Tory Burch Robinson tote as Prada was the first designer to introduce this tote/briefcase style bag. I looked online and realized that it came in a stunning caramel brown color. I was sold. I called a Tory Burch store directly and lucked out as they had it in stock. They offered free two day shipping which made the impatient person in me cheer! Two days later it arrived beautifully packaged and truly more beautiful in person than online. I must say if you are looking for a classy and elegant work bag this is the one for you. This bag will not only hold everything you need but it will look new for quite some time as this bag is constructed with durable saffiano leather.
Do you own any Tory Burch handbags?


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