Hot Topics: Why I quit my six-figure job to spend time with my kid…

dbc5f2722923ef986ec7c78c8a38ad4deee69329I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Every morning I always scroll through all the Yahoo articles on the front page. I guess you could say its a morning ritual I have…much like it is for someone who reads the newspaper. I came across this article this past week and was really touched by it. It was about the family pictured above…well mostly about the father of this precious little girl. He quit his six-figure job to spend more time with his daughter as he felt he was missing out on watching her grow. I was even more touched by how his then boss took the news. He was also very pleased with his decision. Even though I cannot relate as I do not have kids, I admire his decision. For many people balancing their career and home life can be extremely difficult. Everyone in and around the Bay Area especially are constantly trying to out do the other and get to the next level. However for this man, his family was the most important investment. I couldn’t agree more. Please check out the article here!
What do you think of his decision to quit?


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