Travel: Tips for Traveling with Pets


We survived our big road trip with Toby this past weekend! I must say he was a trooper! As for tips and tricks for traveling in the car with dogs…I would suggest bringing the following:

-leash and harness
-bottled water
-crate along with blankets or pillows

Obviously the leash and harness are for when you make stops along the way to let them use the restroom. There are tons of dogs at rest stops and it’s crucial to make sure your pet is safe and close by. Toby doesn’t wear a collar all the time as he is mostly indoors, so bringing a collar for him to wear on the trip was a necessity. Toby drinks a lot of water on a daily basis and being in the car made him dehydrated, so having a bowl and water available was crucial. We stopped by our local whole foods to pick up a few large water bottles for the trip along with chicken breast for Toby to snack on. Normally while traveling in the car Toby rides in a soft crate for safety. Since this was such a long ride I sat in the back with him along with some blankets so he could come out of his crate and stretch his legs. It was a total lifesaver for him.

All in all traveling with dogs can be fun and easy…it just takes pre planning and making sure you are ready for any situation.
What is your best tip for traveling with dogs?


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