Beauty: Trouble Matching Your Skin to a Foundation Color?

logo-hero-e890967c4922ae70310bfa9aa4cc3e21What girl has never had trouble matching herself to a foundation color?! I was hanging out with my in-laws this past weekend and my sister in law (Hi Leti!) and I were chatting about the trouble ever girl goes through in deciding the best shade for herself when they are either in the drugstore or at a beauty counter. I was so excited when my sister in-law told me about this awesome website called It asks for foundations that you have used in the past and what shade you have matched to before and in minutes it tells you the best shades for you in many different brands…both drugstore and high end. I for one just went through a tough time finding a shade light enough for my skin and can’t wait to follow up on some of their recommendations.
Have you tried


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