Book Reviews: Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend…and to those of you who celebrate Easter…I hope you had a very Happy Easter.

I love reading. There is something about getting wrapped up in a book that you can’t really describe. I commute everyday to work and some of the books I like reading add too much weight to my bag, especially hardback covers. I have tried other e-readers (Kindle and the Kobo to be exact) in the past but nothing beats the Barnes and Noble Nook. Barnes and Noble offers the largest selection of e-books…yes even more than the Amazon Kindle…and is incredibly lightweight with a beautiful e-ink screen. I have read multiple books on the Nook in the indoor light, outdoors, and in the dark with the glowlight on and I am really impressed. Its exactly what you would expect an e-reader to be. If you are interested or in the market for an e-reader I suggest stopping by your local Barnes and Noble to check it out. They offer a wonderful return policy if you are not 100% satisfied and have the best customer service.
What is your favorite e-reader?


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