Travel: Lets Book a Trip to Maui, Hawaii!

This week…we are changing things up a bit. Here are some tips and advice to booking a trip to Maui, Hawaii! Enjoy!


“This week I will be sharing travel advice. I was planning our 30th anniversary trip. We always wanted to stay at the Four Seasons in Wailea in Maui and the Four Seasons on the island of Hawaii. The only drawback to the Four Seasons Hualalai is that it has no real beach. Otherwise it looks incredible.

We had a budget to stay within and I was having a hard time. We decided on just doing our favorite island, Maui. Our anniversary is in June and I changed dates over and over again. We finally chose October and the trip turned out to be almost $4000 cheaper. We even stayed $2000 under budget. This told me if you want luxury go on an off high season month. October in Maui should be less crowded and still great weather. More advice! Always book a package flight/hotel/car together. It is a much cheaper way to go. I hope this advice helps you in the future.”

What is your tip or best advice when booking a vacation?

Blog Post by Margie Dingfelder


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