Everyday Life: Hobonichi Techno

th-2 thIf you know me…you know I love a good planner or journal. For the past few months I have been reading up on the Hobonichi. This planner is geared more towards the artist in you rather than the hardcore planner. Hobonichi is a Japanese brand and can be purchased here. I was excited to hear they now offer an English version (in years past it has only been offered in Japanese)! I was a bit hesitant at first as I am more of a planner than a drawer but this fits perfectly into my lifestyle. Not only does it offer a month on two pages it offers one full page for everyday. The great thing about this is you can be as brief or as detailed as you want. Some even use the full page strictly for journaling or even drawing highlights of their day. If you are looking for a planner and Filofax or Erin Condren is a bit too strict…this is the perfect option for you. I highly recommend it!
Have you tried the Hobonichi planners?


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