Fashion: Converse

I am one of the girliest girls you will ever meet…but there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of converse. I absolutely love them! After Christmas I was on the hunt for a new pair…as I love my white pair so much. Converse has a store not that far from home so you can imagine how happy I was when the whole store was 40% off (Score)! I knew this was the perfect time to stop in. I saw these gray and black ones and immediately fell in love. They were the perfect “go with everything” pair without being black. So happy to add a new pair to my shoe collection.
Do you love converse? If so…what is your favorite color?


6 thoughts on “Fashion: Converse

  1. I’m very girly girl too but have tons of Converse!!! I’m really into the ones made for girls only where they have a snap back and you slip them on. There’s laces but you don’t have to tie them. I just got a basic black pair a few weeks ago and all summer I wore my white ones. I do have red high top ones and I put on these gold studs. I have green and purple as well. My favorite ones but I don’t wear a lot are Wonder Wonan cartoon ones!! They’re super cute and different. The whole shoe has this design all over it, I wish I can upload a pic

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