Everyday Life: Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

I love pens. It goes hand in hand with my love of journals and stationary. Over the years my love of pens has grown and I have ventured out into the world of exquisite and luxury pens. For a lot of people a pen doesn’t need to be more than something to write with but for me its way more than that. I truly love how a pen feels, how smooth it writes, and most of all the overall beauty of the pen itself. Pens can range anywhere from $1 to $4000 and up. Now before you think I’ve fallen off my rocker and spent $4000 on a pen…I wanted to share with you a beautiful pen that is reasonably priced.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is priced at $32.00. (This pen can be found cheaper on some websites). I love the fact this pen can be refilled easily (great for beginners to fountain pens), feels incredible in your hand, and writes beautifully. It is everything you would expect a higher quality pen to be. If you are wanting or curious to join the world of fountain pens…this is a great starter.
Do you have a favorite pen?


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