Everyday Life: Midori Travelers Notebook


As apart of my New Years resolution I decided I would start journaling on a daily basis. It’s quite the commitment…at least more so than I thought…but it’s proven to be a great thing. I have decided to write a quick note at the end of everyday…to see if it would help sort of clear my brain at night. I decided to go with the Midori Travelers Notebook as it offered everything I wanted and more. It’s a beautiful leather cover that allows you to customize the inside with different notebooks and folders etc. It’s the perfect notebook to record your daily thoughts in. It’s also one of those items that gets better with age. Just like my Filofax you can really make it what you want. I loved the system so much I decided to purchase the passport size as well. I am using this smaller size as my gratitude journal and am writing 3 things I am thankful for everyday. I also have written all my favorite quotes inside as well. It’s been a wonderful thing and definitely part of my positive 2015 goal! If you are looking for a wonderful journal or notebook I highly suggest the Midori travelers notebooks. They are very high quality and offer high quality paper inserts.
Do you journal? If so what is your favorite journal?


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