Travel: Gibraltar, United Kingdom

This week we are off to Gibraltar. Enjoy!

image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8

“On our cruise in September we stopped in Gibraltar United Kingdom. I
expected it to be just a rock but we were pleasantly surprised that it
had a lot to see and do. The view from the Rock to Spain and North
Africa is beautiful. We took a tour to the top of the Rock and admired
the view. Continuing on to the upper Rock we stopped at St Michael’s
Cave with it’s strangely shaped stalagmites and stalactites. They put
on a light show as you walk through. It’s gorgeous! From there we went
to see the famous Barbary Apes who roam free. They pose for pictures.
It’s hilarious! We also went into the cave built for protection during
World War II. It was fascinating.

Have you been to the Rock of Gibraltar?”

This blog post and pictures provided by Margie Dingfelder


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