Everyday Life: Silver Pet Prints



One thing that means more than anything to me is our dog Toby. We do not have kids so this is our child. A few weeks back my husband and I were at a local outdoor mall and came across a dog store. It’s automatic that we go in and look around and see if we can get our little Toby something. While we were checking out I noticed these beautiful paw print charms behind the counter. I asked the cashier what they were and she explained that these are actually your pets paw print turned into a silver keepsake. I was sold. I purchased the paw print kit and we headed home. I was happy to know the paw print kit comes with easy to follow directions and thankfully plenty of room to make sure you get the best paw print possible. Toby however was just about done with it all by print number 8 haha. I sent the prints in the next day in their self addressed envelope they provide in the kit to the company to begin the process of making my very own keepsake. This company was amazing to work with and kept you involved every step of the way. I decided to go with the name bar with Toby’s name and the date we got him. They were so gracious to gift me a paw print charm to share with you all. I don’t think I have been so excited in a long time to receive such a special gift. I decided to put the charm and the name bar together on the one chain and wear them together. I can’t tell you how incredibly beautiful these pieces are in person. They are stunning and extremely high quality. If you love your animal and want to have a keepsake forever then I would definitely check out Silver Pet Prints at http://www.silverpetprints.com

Please let them know I sent you. These make such incredible gifts!

Thank you again Silver Pet Prints…I will be back for more keepsakes!


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