Fashion: Patagonia Fleece Vest

imageThis winter has been beyond freezing. I still can’t even believe that I…yes I…am even cold enough for slippers and jackets…so unlike me. I also know it’s way colder all over the world and California “winters” are a joke to many people…but this has been one of the coldest I can remember. Jackets are always a bit tough for me because I get warm very easily and really don’t like the feeling of being “too” hot. I have heard so many great things about Patagonia and decided I would give their fleece vest a go. I purchased mine from Zzapped, so the overnight shipping came in handy! I feel like I’ve barely taken it off since receiving it! I absolutely love the warmth it provides without being too warm. It offers two pockets that have zip closures and a zip up the front. I have worn this zipped up and open and it’s great both ways. The collar is also very comfortable and has a nice soft touch. If you are looking for a great warm layer to add to your wardrobe I highly recommend this vest.

Do you own any items from Patagonia?


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