Beauty: Dolce & Gabbana Angled Brush

2014 was all about brows for me. I love a nice natural full brow and I really think I found the best products to achieve that look. Anyways…the one thing I have been missing and meaning to pick up for at least a year was an angled eyebrow brush. I enlisted the help of a beauty stylist at Nordstrom the last time I was in. She highly recommended the Dolce & Gabbana angled eyebrow brush. I must say I was skeptical as designers making their way into beauty can be hit or miss…but I took the chance and went with her recommendation! Wow was I happy after just one use! I couldn’t believe the difference the brush made in the ease of creating the perfect brow! If you are on the market for a good eyebrow brush…run to your local store to pick this one up! You won’t regret it?
Have you used Dolce & Gabbana beauty brushes before?


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