Beauty: Model Mirror

I first heard of these model mirrors about 3 years ago. At that time I wasn’t into carrying around a mirror in my handbag or work bag. I was reading a blog about 6 months back and came across a review on this mirror. I thought…before these sell out (already extremely hard to find) I better get my hands on one. These mirrors normally retail for $19.99…yes thats a bit pricey for a small mirror…but after using it I completely think they are worth it. I was lucky enough to pick one up during a sale on When I received it…I was surprised at how large this mirror really is. I decided it would be better off in my makeup bag at home. It’s truly unique with its light up capability and a magnified side and a regular side…this mirror is all you really need. It comes with a nice carrying case so it doesn’t get marked up in your makeup bag or purse. I highly recommend this and hope if you are interested you are able to get your hands on it.
Have you tried the model mirror?


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