Fashion: Patagonia Fleece Vest

imageThis winter has been beyond freezing. I still can’t even believe that I…yes I…am even cold enough for slippers and jackets…so unlike me. I also know it’s way colder all over the world and California “winters” are a joke to many people…but this has been one of the coldest I can remember. Jackets are always a bit tough for me because I get warm very easily and really don’t like the feeling of being “too” hot. I have heard so many great things about Patagonia and decided I would give their fleece vest a go. I purchased mine from Zzapped, so the overnight shipping came in handy! I feel like I’ve barely taken it off since receiving it! I absolutely love the warmth it provides without being too warm. It offers two pockets that have zip closures and a zip up the front. I have worn this zipped up and open and it’s great both ways. The collar is also very comfortable and has a nice soft touch. If you are looking for a great warm layer to add to your wardrobe I highly recommend this vest.

Do you own any items from Patagonia?


Beauty: Dolce & Gabbana Angled Brush

2014 was all about brows for me. I love a nice natural full brow and I really think I found the best products to achieve that look. Anyways…the one thing I have been missing and meaning to pick up for at least a year was an angled eyebrow brush. I enlisted the help of a beauty stylist at Nordstrom the last time I was in. She highly recommended the Dolce & Gabbana angled eyebrow brush. I must say I was skeptical as designers making their way into beauty can be hit or miss…but I took the chance and went with her recommendation! Wow was I happy after just one use! I couldn’t believe the difference the brush made in the ease of creating the perfect brow! If you are on the market for a good eyebrow brush…run to your local store to pick this one up! You won’t regret it?
Have you used Dolce & Gabbana beauty brushes before?

Travel: Portugal Continues…

Welcome back! This week we continue our journey in Portugal…enjoy!

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“We visited the Portugese Riviera, Sintra, and Cascais. The tour took us to the Queluz Palace with it’s magnificent interiors and French Gardens. Sintra was my favorite little town and Cascais is Portugal’s premier seaside resort. It’s a picturesque fishing village. I have one regret that I never made it to Algarve but time did not allow.”

Blog Post and Pictures by Margie Dingfelder

Book Reviews: Style by Kate Spade

It’s no secret I love fashion books. There is something so fun about reading about fashion and then displaying the book in your home. It also helps for references and outfit inspirations. I was so happy to come across this book the last time I was in my local bookstore. I adore Kate Spade and her sense of style. This book is truly what her clothing and accessory line is all about… class, sophistication, and very feminine. I personally think every woman should own some Kate spade in her wardrobe. This book is definitely worth a look the next time you are in the bookstore and can also be purchased on Amazon here!
Have you read any of Kate Spade’s books?

Everyday Life: Mulberry Postman’s Lock Pocket Book

Now before you start laughing…yes this is another planner. I have been keeping my eye on this pocket book agenda for at least 6 months…and the wait paid off because it went on sale and bam…I was in the store ready to purchase. The leather is butter soft and has the most beautiful sheen to it. It was definitely love at first sight and couldn’t wait to get it home and set up. Normally I love the Filofax personal size but knew that I wanted something a bit smaller to both carry in my work bag and my handbag. Now the first must have for my new pocket book was dividers and a dashboard with a pocket. I looked high and low and was so lucky to come across Personaliser on etsy. She is such a doll and made everything custom and to my liking. You should definitely check out her store. The dividers and dashboard arrived quickly and fit perfectly! I will definitely be back for more. This planner is definitely an investment but knowing I love and use my planner everyday…this was an investment I was willing to make!
I also have another Filofax purchase coming to share with you all so stay tuned!

Fashion: The Whipping Post Vintage Tote Bag

image3 image4
Ladies and gentleman…I think I have found my holy grail work bag! Now before you think oh no Lauren must have spent a fortune on it…you will be surprised and happy to know the bag comes in at just under $200! I know can you believe it?! I was reading up on my usual blogs and came across this Whipping Post bag. I loved the size, look, and construction of the bag. It comes in a tan/brown color but knowing me…black it was. The shipping was extremely fast and the box came beautifully packaged. I immediately put my purse organizer inside and got to stuffing my things inside (I will be doing an updated what’s in my work bag soon). I have now been using it for a little over a month and must say this has been the most attractive, durable, and comfortable work bag I have ever owned. It’s definitely worth a look at their online store here!
What is your favorite work bag?

Beauty: My Current Favorite Lip Look

I must admit I am a huge fan of light pink and pinkish nude lips. Surprise surprise…but I have never been one to go for a really bold lip. When I was at Sephora a few weeks back I decided to pick up the YSL Volute Sheer Candy in Tasty Raspberry and the cult favorite Buxom Lip Gloss in White Russian. I knew these would be the perfect pair and have been in love with the look of these two ever since. They are also beautiful on their own too. It’s funny because many years ago I remember purchasing the Buxom Gloss in White Russian and absolutely couldn’t stand the tingling and cooling sensation it has. I am still not a huge fan of the tingling and cooling but have been able to deal with it this time around.
Have you tried the YSL Volute Sheer Candy and the Buxom Lip Glosses?
If so…what are your favorite colors?

Travel: My Travel Must Haves with RelayRides!

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The start of a new year always starts the vacation planning! I was so excited when RelayRides reached out to me asking what my travel must haves are! I thought what a great idea to share some of my must haves when I travel with my readers! RelayRides is a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service connecting car owners with renters. I have been a huge fan of ZipCar for many years and love the concept of RelayRides. I love to travel…it is in my blood. Some of the things I can’t leave home without would have to include my cell phone, chargers, iPad, beauty/skin products, jeans, t-shirts, my Sabahs…and last but not least my wallet! I can leave home without a lot of things, as many things can be purchased when I get to my destination, but my items listed above I can’t enjoy a trip without!
I can’t wait to hear your travel must haves and make sure to check out RelayRides here and their car rentals before your next trip! th

Book Reviews: Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset

Fashion books are some of my most favorite books to both read and display. I love reading about other countries fashion and style tips. I have had this book on my wish list for some time and was so happy to find it at my local book store and add it to my collection. Paris Street Style has tons of fashion tips, tricks, and pictures to give you an inside look to many different Parisian styles. If you have been wanting a great fashion read…I highly recommend this book!
Have you read Paris Street Style?

Everyday Life: Fireplace

image1 copy
I adore fireplaces in homes…I think they add a “homey” feel and can create a special ambiance. Now while I love the fireplace…I am scared to death to start a fire in my own home…so I searched all over to find the perfect fireplace decoration to provide that same special ambiance without a fire. I came across BirchHouseMarket on etsy and knew this was the look I was going for. I placed my order for the Birch Pillar Candle Holders Fireplace Decor and purchased the battery operated candles separately at my local Home Goods store. I love the look and ambiance it provides without the stress of having to keep a fire going etc.
Do you love fireplaces and if so do you prefer decorations inside or a real fire?