Everyday Life: My 5 Favorite Everyday Life Buys of 2014

Honestly picking 5 favorites for this topic was extremely hard. I hope you enjoy my top 5 favorite Everyday Life buys of 2014.
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1. Nespresso Machine: I love coffee with all my heart. However I do not like straight coffee…definitely more of a latte or espresso gal. I tried the Keurig and was not impressed. I took the chance and purchased the machine along with the milk steamer. I have been using it now for a little over a month and must say the espresso is delicious. I also love using the milk steamer for hot chocolate. The nespresso machine and milk steamer can be purchased here.
2. Ikea Desk: Since we moved…I knew I wanted to purchase a new desk for my office. I had been eyeing this desk for some time. Although Ikea can be hit or miss…this definitely was a hit. Great quality and a great price. The desk can be purchased here.
3. Kleen Kanteen: I seriously have an addiction to mugs and travel mugs. Just ask my husband. I love these bottles and can’t say enough great things about them. They are high quality and last for years. These travel mugs can be purchased here.
4. Sonos: There is nothing better than Sonos. I was so glad my husband and I took the leap and purchased one this year. The sounds is amazing and truly worth the price. Sonos can be purchased here.
5. Filofax: I love organization. I had been using the Erin Condren Life Planner for the past couple of years and finally made the switch this year to Filofax. I love the system and all the ways you can personalize it. You can purchased Filofax here.

What are your favorite Everyday Life purchases of 2014?


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