Fashion: Holiday Gift Guide

th-1Image Courtesy of Yahoo

Ahhh now for the fashionista in your life! In many ways fashion is a bit like beauty in the sense everyone has their own personal style. However the are some basics every girl will love. Here are my 5 top picks:

Scarf: This is such a great addition to any outfit and truly can be worn all year around. I love a good scarf. My favorite would be from Marine Layer. They can be purchased here!

Umbrella: Rain is never fun to be out walking around in…but having a fun umbrella makes it that much better. Recently I picked up this Totes Bubble Umbrella. It is extremely well made and a great price. It can be purchased here!

Handbag: Now we are talking my language. I must say this is my total weak spot. I love handbags and think this would make such a wonderful gift for any girl in your life. I love purchasing my handbags at the specific designer’s boutique…but if you are unable to get to one near you…there is always Neiman Marcus or Barneys!

Gift card: Lets be honest…gift cards are a simple yet wonderful gift. I love both giving and receiving gift cards. This opens up endless possibilities! If you know a specific store they love to shop at…that is your clue to go pick up a gift card! They can use it on whatever they want! How awesome is that!

Jewelry: This is definitely my second weak spot. I love jewelry to the core. This is such a personal and special gift. Whether you are gifting costume jewelry or fine jewelry Nordstrom is a great place to shop. If you are thinking on the luxury side…I highly recommend Cartier or Van Cleef and Arpels.

What would you gift the fashionista in your life?


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