Beauty: Holiday Gift Guide

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Now any girl will tell you she is a lover of all things beauty! But beauty can sometimes be tricky when gift giving because everyone is so unique in their taste. These are my top 5 ideas for any beauty lover in your life:

Makeup bag: I absolutely adore my Prada makeup bag. I have been using it non stop for years and must say it still looks brand new. Now while this would be a very luxurious gift…there are so many different options for all different price ranges. Nordstrom has some amazing designs to choose from. Check them out here!

Gift card to Sephora or Ulta: Lets be honest…who doesn’t love a gift card. I know some people have a problem giving gift cards and much rather give a gift…but trust me this is always a great option. It opens up a world of possibilities!

Holiday Palette: Holidays are so much fun because all the major brand makeup companies release their holiday palettes. These are such an amazing buy and a wonderful gift that will last the whole year or longer. Sephora has some great options here!

Gift certificate for a Facial or Mani/Pedi or Spa: This is definitely a luxury gift. Most girls love facials, mani and pedis, or spas, although some prefer the at home treatment. I however love the thought of giving a gift certificate for pampering and relaxation. In my mind you can’t go wrong. Check your local spa to see if they offer gift certificates!

A bag full of all your favorite products in travel size: This is a total free for all! You could create a small gift basket of all your most loved beauty items. Who wouldn’t love a bag full of goodies?! I would pick say your top 5 items and find them in travel size. Throw them all in a small bag and bam…you have a super thoughtful and personal gift!

What would you give the beauty lover in your life?


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