Book Reviews: Holiday Gift Guide

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


If you have not already finished your holiday shopping…I’ve got you covered! This week is going to be my gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Today’s gift guide will be for the bookworm in your life. These are my top 5 gifts:

Kobo: The perfect e-reader for the total book lover in your life. This truly is such an amazing device that will be loved all year around. You can find my post on my Kobo e-reader here. You can also purchase the Kobo here.

The Fashion Book: This is for the true fashionista in your life. Whether you get the mini or the full size edition this book contains hundreds of pages of your favorite designers and amazing photographs! This Fashion Book can be purchased here.

A Series or Subscription: I always say giving someone a complete book series or even a magazine subscription is like the gift that keeps on giving. This kind of gift is awesome for anyone that truly loves a specific series or author or magazine. Some people can not find the time to curl up and read…which is totally understandable. That is exactly why I love This allows you to listen to books on the go right from your phone or tablet device. Another amazing gift for a person who commutes. Check it out here!

A coffee table book: This is always a great gift no matter what the occasion. Coffee table books can be so special and can be really about any topic. You can find anything from cooking, travel, fashion, or even history. Any topic will sure to be a hit!

What would you give the bookworm in your life?


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