Hot Topic: Ferguson

I am so happy to be back! I am really sorry for my time away…my family and I were moving houses and trying our best to get settled before the holidays begin! Thankfully we are all moved in and ready for Christmas…which I can’t believe is in only 24 days! I have so much great content coming up this month along with a gift guide to help with all your shopping needs!
Without further ado…Lets get back to business shall we…


This past week has been extremely tense in the news due to the decision in Ferguson where a grand jury declined to indict officer Wilson in the Michael Brown case. This case is truly tragic. It is a very complicated matter…both legally and emotionally…and I truly feel for the Brown family. My concern is not just for justice but for the people who all the violent protests have hurt. I have never understood why violence is necessary when protesting. You can be heard without breaking windows, causing destruction, and using weapons to get your point across.
I am very curious to hear your thoughts on the grand jury’s decision and the protests currently going on around the United States.


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