Travel: Oceania Cruise Line

This week I would like to share with you my love of Oceania Cruise line. They have a total of 5 ships. Three of their ships carry under 700 passengers and the two newest ones carry 1200 passengers. The smaller ones are more intimate. The advantage being the opportunity to make friends because you see the same people all the time. The advantage on the larger ones, which we just went on, is more gourmet restaurants to choose from, a big fabulous spa, more entertainment, a bigger computer lab, a cooking school, an artist loft, more shops, and bars and bigger staterooms. Oceania is known for having country club casual ambiance with no formal nights. They are also known for their food. It’s great and there is open seating which allows you to dine whenever and with whomever you wish. They are itinerary intense with few sea days so you get to see an enormous amount. There are a huge number of shore excursions to choose from through the ship but they are expensive. You do always have the option to go off on your own. The ships are gorgeous and the suites are to die for. The customer service is beyond terrific. I wish the world would take lessons from Oceania. You want for nothing. They are more expensive than the big cruise ships but if you try it you will never go back! Oceania’s slogan “Your world, your way” is perfect! They are out to exceed your expectations.
Have you ever been on Oceania? Is it your favorite cruise line too?

Blog Post and Photograph Courtesy of Margie Dingfelder


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