Hot Topic: Woman Choosing to Die

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent house hunting with my husband. Thank you again for understanding being MIA last week. If you have ever sold or bought a home you know that it is overwhelming and stressful.

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Late last week I read an article about a 29-year-old woman, Brittany Maynard, who is terminally ill. She has chosen to move to Oregon where they allow doctors to prescribe medication causing death. She chose to move to Oregon to take advantage of their Death with Dignity Act. The Oregon act allows doctors to prescribe medication causing death if a patient so desires. Having less than 6 months to live and no cure Brittany has decided this is the best way. You can watch her emotional video here. Please also check out the touching article did here. This story truly has made me think. You can never truly judge someone’s decision to end their life when they are given no other out or truly no chance for survival.
How do you feel about Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act?


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