Travel: Travel Tips

This week will be tips and tricks to traveling overseas from my mom Margie Dingfelder! Enjoy!
“My husband and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Europe cruising on Oceania Cruise Line. More to come about that in the coming weeks. Today I want to share with you some travel tips that I learned. The drama that is now part of international travel you should be aware of.
To start with you may need new luggage because the sizes and weights are different for overseas travel. Going through security overseas is different from domestic travel. here you have to take your shoes off but there you don’t. Weigh your luggage ahead of time so you don’t have any surprises. My advice is to break up those long flights by traveling part way and spend the night so you stay with your luggage and the jet lag is better. The chances of losing your luggage is much better when you have a few legs on your itinerary. Our luggage left on a flight that we missed but I figured it might have happened and went to make a claim right away. That really helped us find the luggage when we got home. Take only nonstop flights! Our first flight was late then they rebooked us on two other flights and missed both of those. Finally after walking miles we told them to put us up overnight in a hotel and pay for our meals. They did but not without a fight. We usually do nonstops only but this time we used miles and it wouldn’t let us stay overnight anywhere.
Buy the tickets in Economy Plus if you can’t afford Business Class. It is much cheaper, like under $100 and you have much more leg room.
Plan ahead and rent a portable wifi from XCom Global. Call them and tell them dates and countries you will be visiting and they will send you the appropriate chips for the device. Now put your cell phone on airplane mode and keep it there during your whole trip to avoid data charges. Download what’s app and viber from the app store and make sure the people you need to stay in contact with do the same. I know this works great on iphones but I’m not sure whether or not android has these apps. Talk and text and send photos through wifi for free!
Next tip is about airplane food. The safest and best tasting is usually pasta.
Now dealing with jet lag. The best tip that I’ll share with you is get a massage when you get there. It has made a huge difference for me.
Don’t let your expensive dream vacation be ruined. Our cruise part was great but the airlines made it a nightmare. Be an advocate for yourself and educate yourself before you leave.
Share your advice on traveling overseas.”


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