Everyday Life: World Series!!! Go Giants!!!

This week has been all about the Giants and the World Series. My family and friends are huge SF Giants fans and are all on the edge of our seats. Orange and Black…Lets Win This!!! Go Giants!!!


Fashion: Bootie Obsession

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All my life boots or booties have never been my style or my thing. I guess they were too much of a statement piece for my style then. As I’ve grown up and grown into my style…booties are my new obsession. I have been eyeing some Rag and Bone Booties for a while and will maybe put them on my christmas wish list. Being in the city has also pushed me towards comfort and a good pair of black booties can go along way. At least that’s what I am telling myself.
Do you have a favorite go to black bootie?

Beauty: Fall and Winter Scents are Here!

_9637812 _9718494 _9744602Photos Courtesy of Nordstrom
This will come as no surprise but I absolutely love fall and winter scents. Its something about feeling warm and cozy that I absolutely love. I also get extremely excited when I see that some of my favorite brands release new scents. Philosophy has just released Peppermint Stick, Vanilla Brown Sugar, Making Spirits Bright Duo, and Sugary Cinnamon Icing. All of these are such yummy scents and a great way to start your day or unwind from a long day. Nordstrom and Sephora have released these scents. I look forward to picking up a few.
Do you have a favorite fall scent?

Travel: Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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Vancouver Island, British Columbia was named one of the world’s top ten islands in Travel and Leisure magazine. It has one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems: rainforests, beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes and a variety of wildlife. My husband and I flew into Seattle, then took a train to Vancouver then a seaplane to Victoria. We returned to Seattle by ferry! We tried it all. My favorite places were Stanley Park in Vancouver and Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Stanley Park, photo below, is a beautiful urban escape. It has beautiful trails all around the water with views of the city, totem poles, and the Lion’s Gate Bridge. You can even take a horse and carriage ride there. I highly recommend taking a small seaplane to Victoria. You can get there in time to have high tea at the Empress Hotel and visit the world-renowned Butchart Gardens. Butchart Gardens occupies 55 acres. It’s amazing! Stay after dark to see the lights on the parliament building. Photo heaven!
Have you ever been there?

Blog Post and Photographs by Margie Dingfelder

Hot Topic: Ebola Becoming an Epidemic?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

For the past few months we have been hearing non stop about Ebola and the whole world trying to find a solution before it becomes an epidemic. The more I read about the illness…the more I become terrified. It’s truly a reality check when you see these types of illnesses hit close to home and you see the doctors and nurses who are helping these patients…contract the illness themselves.  Yahoo recently put together a photo montage of Ebola in New York City.
Have you read much about Ebola?

Everyday Life: Music To My Ears

My co-workers have been raving about Sonos for a long time. The sound can’t be beat, they are reasonably priced, and easy to hook up. My husband and I have been thinking about getting a wireless player for quite some time but never really knew which one to get. We finally took the leap and purchased a Sonos Player 1. It was extremely easy to set up and you are literally playing music within minutes. We have the Player in our bedroom so while we get ready in the morning we can listen to music. It has been a real pleasure waking up and being able to play music softly at the touch of a button. The great thing is it is all controlled by your iPhone or iPad. We can’t wait to purchase another to have this experience throughout our home.
Have you owned a Sonos player?

Fashion: The Rain Boots Journey Continues…

thPhoto Courtesy of Yahoo

Well the drama/journey continues. This week during one of our rain storms I went to put on my new Hunter Rain Boots I shared with you a few weeks back…I slipped my foot in and bam a I felt a huge sharp piece of plastic scrape the back of my leg. I took the boot off and sure enough it had torn through the skin…I know TMI. I immediately contacted Nordstrom and told them about the issue. They suggested I exchange it for the Hunter Chelsea Rain Boot. I completely agreed and went ahead with the exchange. I have not received my new boots yet but feel these will be way easier to wear, especially with both work and everyday clothes. I look forward to receiving these and hope they are just as comfortable as the original boots.
Have you owned Hunter Rain Boots?

Beauty: Sugar Anyone?

I am a huge fan of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15. This is like magic in stick form. About three years ago I was having extremely dry lips during the winter. I needed something that was going to not only help heal my lips but also keep them moisturized for hours. I stopped into the my local Sephora and the woman highly recommended this. Yes…I know its $22.50, but in my opinion its worth every penny. The consistency of this lip treatment is amazing and extremely luxurious. It not only keeps your lips moisturized but adds a nice sheen for everyday wear. Best of all it helped healed my lips and I keep this in my everyday make up bag year around.
Have you tried Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment?

Travel: Oceania Cruise Line

This week I would like to share with you my love of Oceania Cruise line. They have a total of 5 ships. Three of their ships carry under 700 passengers and the two newest ones carry 1200 passengers. The smaller ones are more intimate. The advantage being the opportunity to make friends because you see the same people all the time. The advantage on the larger ones, which we just went on, is more gourmet restaurants to choose from, a big fabulous spa, more entertainment, a bigger computer lab, a cooking school, an artist loft, more shops, and bars and bigger staterooms. Oceania is known for having country club casual ambiance with no formal nights. They are also known for their food. It’s great and there is open seating which allows you to dine whenever and with whomever you wish. They are itinerary intense with few sea days so you get to see an enormous amount. There are a huge number of shore excursions to choose from through the ship but they are expensive. You do always have the option to go off on your own. The ships are gorgeous and the suites are to die for. The customer service is beyond terrific. I wish the world would take lessons from Oceania. You want for nothing. They are more expensive than the big cruise ships but if you try it you will never go back! Oceania’s slogan “Your world, your way” is perfect! They are out to exceed your expectations.
Have you ever been on Oceania? Is it your favorite cruise line too?

Blog Post and Photograph Courtesy of Margie Dingfelder

Hot Topic: Woman Choosing to Die

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent house hunting with my husband. Thank you again for understanding being MIA last week. If you have ever sold or bought a home you know that it is overwhelming and stressful.

Photo Courtesy of People.com

Late last week I read an article about a 29-year-old woman, Brittany Maynard, who is terminally ill. She has chosen to move to Oregon where they allow doctors to prescribe medication causing death. She chose to move to Oregon to take advantage of their Death with Dignity Act. The Oregon act allows doctors to prescribe medication causing death if a patient so desires. Having less than 6 months to live and no cure Brittany has decided this is the best way. You can watch her emotional video here. Please also check out the touching article People.com did here. This story truly has made me think. You can never truly judge someone’s decision to end their life when they are given no other out or truly no chance for survival.
How do you feel about Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act?