Everyday Life: Iphone 6 plus anyone?

th(Image courtesy of Yahoo)

I am a true lover of all things Apple. Honestly every tech device I own and use in my everyday life is Apple. So it is only fitting that I order the new iPhone right? Why not! I truly was leaning more towards the 6 (smaller of the two) but after talking with my sister in laws…they said Lauren… you either go big or go home. I said your right let’s do it. So there I was up at midnight trying to get my hands on the new iPhone. It took until 1:10am for me to successfully put in my order and obtain a confirmation number. Now after staying up to pre-order my iPhone…if you asked me would I do it again… probably not. Considering my shipping date isn’t until mid to late October…I am not impressed. I could have gained a few more hours of sleep and less stress and still received my phone around the same time as everyone else. But yes I am crazy and in love with all things Apple. I can’t wait for it to arrive and will definitely do a review of it once I receive it.
Did you order the new iPhone 6?


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