Travel: St. Lucia

Welcome back. This week we are off to St Lucia! Enjoy…

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“St Lucia is a beautiful, lush, clean island in the Caribbean. My husband and I have been to many islands in the Caribbean. The people there were extremely friendly and I felt very safe. The population is mostly British. Unfortunately feeling safe is not true in many other islands in the Caribbean. Jamaica, although beautiful, has a high crime rate. I also felt uncomfortable in St Thomas, Virgin Islands. I almost got mugged on our honeymoon there. It is however a jewelry lover’s paradise so get off the cruise ship and shop. Actually many islands including St Lucia are known for their fine jewelry, especially emeralds. Although we didn’t like the Sandal’s we stayed in on St Lucia the island was gorgeous. We took a day tour to the Pitons, the twin mountain peaks that you see in every photo of St Lucia. Pigeon Island National Park, the volcano, the waterfalls, the beaches and gardens were lovely. Many people rode horses on the beaches. The water is superb so enjoy it anyway you can. Go to a banana plantation and enjoy the steel bands playing at night. Have you ever been to St. Lucia?”

This blog post and photographs are by Margie Dingfelder. 


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