Book Review: New Concept? “Where’s the Tape?

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

th(Image Courtesy of Yahoo)

I have been thinking of adding a new “co topic” to my book reviews section. I also read many magazines and newspaper articles and wanted to bring those in for discussion.
This week I wanted to focus on the topic of the National Football League’s new rules and regulations regarding domestic violence. Yahoo news released this article about how America is responding to the tape released of Ray Rice and his wife Janay. For me this is such a personal topic that I almost rather not touch on it. But being who I am…and not standing for domestic violence…I will not keep quiet. I believe the NFL was correct in suspending Ray Rice indefinitely…and the Baltimore Ravens were correct in firing him…but the worry for me is what happens now. Where does the relationship go from here.?  My personal hope is that Ray and his wife can find help in both how to stop the cycle and how to prevent this from happening again. There is a small child involved that they both need to be role models for.
How do you feel about the news article released?


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