Travel: Santa Catalina Island

Welcome back to another travel post from my mom Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to the beautiful Santa Catalina Island!



“Santa Catalina Island is an island off the coast of Southern California. It’s a one hour ferry boat ride from Long Beach, San Pedro, or Dana Point. You arrive in the cute little town of Avalon which is pictured. You can relax on the beach, shop, eat a great meal at a waterfront restaurant and explore the famous casino (the round building in the photos). If you have more time you can stay in one of their charming hotels/bed and breakfasts that dot the town and hillsides. Discover the many water sports including swimming, scuba diving, snorkling, boating, kayaking etc. To explore the island on land you can rent golf carts, bicycles, segways or explore on foot by hiking trails. It’s a perfect weekend getaway. An unexpected highlight for us was the sighting of a whale swimming right next to the ferry boat on our way home. Unfortunately I did not get a great photo of that. I turned my photos into pastels to give them a dreamy quality.
Have you ever been to Santa Catalina Island?”


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