Fashion: My journey to my Chanel Wallet on Chain


Before we get started I want to tell you how long I have been on the hunt for this bag. It all started about a year and a half ago when I saw this bag in a magazine. I knew it would be perfect for my everyday errands etc. I called my local Chanel and asked if they had one in stock. They basically laughed and said there was a 6 month to a year-long wait for the classic style I wanted and asked if I wanted to join their waiting list. I said no thank you as I thought I would call around and see if another store had it. Well…after calling basically every Chanel boutique in the entire United States, and getting the same answer, I knew I would have to wait. Which to me is like torture. So after some time had passed and my name never seemed to reach the top of the waiting list…I called my purse friend Michelle and asked if she knew a way for me to get ahold of this bag. If anyone was going to help in this situation…I knew she would, as she always has. She called around and within two days…I had a bag on hold for me! I couldn’t believe it! I literally jumped up and down as the Sales Associate told me it was the only one in the Country! I immediately purchased it and had it delivered. I am so happy with this purchase and know it will be in my collection for many years to come. It’s a great everyday bag and will be doing a whats in my bag shortly.

Have you ever had a Chanel WOC?


4 thoughts on “Fashion: My journey to my Chanel Wallet on Chain

  1. I must say I am quite jealous. When I was a little girl my grandmother had a Chanel bag. My aunt had a lot of beautiful designer stuff. I wish I would’ve appreciated the fashion then like I do now.

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