Everyday Life: Blackfish

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This documentary is truly heartbreaking. I have now watched it twice…and I will say it was just as difficult to watch the second time around. This film takes you on Tilikum’s journey from freedom to captivity and his life in Sea World’s custody. It shows you the dark side of keeping animals in captivity and the effects it has on the animals themselves. I strongly believe everyone should see this film to educate themselves on the unethical actions of Sea World and other similar family parks in the world. I am so glad that OSHA is involved and taking legal action. Even though Tilikum has killed…you can’t blame an animal that is kept against his will in a cement tank for almost his entire life. I for one will never visit SeaWorld again after seeing this documentary. Please be aware this documentary shows graphic and heartbreaking footage.
Have you seen Blackfish?


6 thoughts on “Everyday Life: Blackfish

  1. This is a great documentary, really heart braking but very educational. Its a nice thought for people to see these beautiful animals up close but in reality its just so sad that they are kept in a tank their whole life and forced to put on shows. One of the main reasons I do not like sea world but also don’t like the circus. Exploitation of these animals is just sad.

  2. A long time ago before I knew what really happened in places like zoos & sea world I started feeling that it was wrong to keep these animals captive. There’s a difference between the endangered animal repopulation programs, and taking an animal like this whale from the ocean, and trying to keep it captive in the cement enclosure, and then trying to make it do stupid pet tricks.
    I do not blame this whale for killing. It is called a killer whale. Tilly is meant to be in the ocean, to be born-and live & die as nature intended. Sadly, these places like sea world have damage these animals. If they were to be let free they would probably die quickly because they cannot survive on their own anymore.
    They have become too dependent upon humans for their every need.
    A lot of times they have not built up natural immunity against diseases they are exposed to in their natural habitat.
    thank you for talking about this subject. I wish more people would.

    • Thank you so very much for taking the time to post such a wonderful comment. Its very upsetting to see what truly goes on behind closed doors at these types of places but its important that the public sees it.

  3. thank you for posting about this. It’s very sad and tragic and I wish it would stop. It may be too late for a lot of the animals already in captivity, but we can prevent new animals from going through this. What do humans expect when they capture a killer whale and try to train it to do stupid pet tricks?
    I am shocked a lot of these beautiful creatures have not died from being held captive in tiny enclosures far away from the world they knew.
    it’s one thing when a good reputable group tries to help an animal that is close to extinction and it’s another when a place like sea world captures an animal in the wild and then uses it to make money. It’s disgusting.
    when ever I hear about the local schools taking the kids to the circus it makes me angry. I have told a couple of older children as gently as possible about why the circus is bad for animals. I believe we need to educate people as young as possible.
    well, enough of the heavy. I honestly enjoy this post and the other posts on this lovely blog.

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