Beauty: HakuHodo Brush Review

There is really something to be said about a good make up brush. People always say it can transform your look…trust me it can. I have loved my MAC brushes for many years but have always admired Hakuhodo brushes from a distance, due to their hefty price tag. About a year ago I decided to take the plunge on three brushes I knew I would use on a daily basis. I purchased them through their online website, that can be found here. The customer service was great and the brushes shipped and arrived to my home in no time, which is very important to me. I ended up purchasing the S142, S133, and S110 in the Vermilion style (24k clear coating brass/gold). I must say these brushes are hands down the softest and most durable brushes I own. I use at least one brush everyday and am so glad I took the plunge. The next time I am on the market for a new brush (which shouldn’t be for quite some time) I will definitely be back for more Hakuhodo.
Have you ever tried Hakuhodo brushes?


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