Travel: Spring Training

Welcome back for another fun post from my mom Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to Scottsdale, Arizona for Spring Training. Don’t forget the peanuts…


“My husband and I are big baseball fans. Our team is the San Francisco Giants. We love going to ATT Park to see them play and we even follow them to Spring Training in Scottsdale. We make a trip out of driving there from our home in the Palm Desert area. We have tried many different hotels and they are all great resorts. My favorites are The Fairmont in Scottsdale, the Intercontinental in Paradise Valley, the Westin, the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch and the Royal Palms in Phoenix. I was amazed at the great facilities that they have at their ballpark. It’s fun to see your favorite players and the new up and coming players there in a smaller setting and enjoy the weather and all the great sights in the area. The weather in Scottsdale in the winter/spring is much like our warm weather in Palm Desert but Arizona has more of a southwest vibe. On your vacation check out the great golf, shopping and art as well. Here are some of my photos.
Are you a baseball fan?”


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