Fashion: Nike ID

image-4 image-5
I am a sucker for anything you can design yourself or personalized. When I first heard about Nike ID…I thought…how cool is it that you can design your own shoe and pick all your own colors?! I contemplated going through the Nike ID process for so long…until I finally bit the bullet. Now let me say you must have patience. I have none…so this is why I am warning you now. The process itself takes almost two months. I went back and forth for a few days until I decided on the best combo for me. As you can see in the above picture…I wanted bright colors and something unique. I have had these shoes now for almost 2 years and must say they are the most comfortable and durable shoes I own. I absolutely love the colors (that still glow to this day) and the way these shoes fit. If you have been thinking about going through this process…I highly suggest it. Just don’t stand by the door waiting for the shoes haha.
Have you ever gone through the Nike ID process?


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