Everyday Life: Beats Headphones by Dr Dre Review

I am and have always been a huge lover of music. To me being a lover of music goes hand in hand with owning a good pair of headphones. When Dr Dre released his Beats line I knew I had to check it out. The reviews were outstanding and I thought these would be a great investment. My husband and I each own our own pair of these headphones and I must say we pretty much agree they are great for about an hour or so and then your ears start to ache. I do love the sound these headphones project…but I would not repurchase another pair. We have traveled many times with these and always have problems with how uncomfortable they become after about an hour. Truly unfortunate because the sound is really nice. If you are in the market for a good set of headphones…really do your research before purchasing these.
Have you ever tried the Beats headphones?


Fashion: My journey to my Chanel Wallet on Chain


Before we get started I want to tell you how long I have been on the hunt for this bag. It all started about a year and a half ago when I saw this bag in a magazine. I knew it would be perfect for my everyday errands etc. I called my local Chanel and asked if they had one in stock. They basically laughed and said there was a 6 month to a year-long wait for the classic style I wanted and asked if I wanted to join their waiting list. I said no thank you as I thought I would call around and see if another store had it. Well…after calling basically every Chanel boutique in the entire United States, and getting the same answer, I knew I would have to wait. Which to me is like torture. So after some time had passed and my name never seemed to reach the top of the waiting list…I called my purse friend Michelle and asked if she knew a way for me to get ahold of this bag. If anyone was going to help in this situation…I knew she would, as she always has. She called around and within two days…I had a bag on hold for me! I couldn’t believe it! I literally jumped up and down as the Sales Associate told me it was the only one in the Country! I immediately purchased it and had it delivered. I am so happy with this purchase and know it will be in my collection for many years to come. It’s a great everyday bag and will be doing a whats in my bag shortly.

Have you ever had a Chanel WOC?

Beauty: Diorsnow UV Protection BB Creme 020

Ever since BB Cream became the “it” thing on the beauty market I have been hooked. I think it’s a great option for everyday wear, especially for those who don’t need a full foundation. I am a firm believer in wearing little to no make up and having a natural look. I really only like being “done up” for special occasions. I purchased this BB cream a little over 6 months ago. I do love the coverage and texture…however it does feel a bit heavy at times. My mother also purchased this and had a terrible skin reaction. She immediately stopped using it. Even though I did not have the same reaction, I do not believe I will repurchase this. Even though I love the coverage…it does seem a  bit heavy for being a BB cream. I will soon be on the lookout for another BB cream option.
Do you have any suggestions for BB creams to try?

Travel: Anza-Borrego Springs

Welcome back to another travel post from my mom Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to Anza-Borrego Springs State Park. Enjoy!


“While you are in the Palm Springs area take a 2 hour drive or less to Anza-Borrego Springs State Park. If you like hiking and beautiful desert landscapes you can lose yourself in the vistas. The best time to go is in the spring when the cactus and other flowers are blooming. Don’t go from May until November! It can get very hot!! Go to Galletta Meadows to see the huge metal sculptures. There used to be a famous old Hoberg resort there that the rich and famous used to come to from Hollywood. One of my friend’s grandmother used to own it. Check it out plus the flora and fauna there. While you are there, be sure to check out the Salton Sea, a destination in itself but close enough to take them both in the same day. It is a huge shallow saline lake on the San Andreas Fault that it over 200 ft below sea level.A desert hiker’s dream, I went for the photos too. Here is a sample.
Have you ever been there?”

Book Review: The House of Mondavi

The House of Mondavi by Julia Flynn Siler
Retail – $28.00
My husband works in wine…so for him reading about the history of wines is all apart of his passion. Recently he picked up The House of Mondavi at our local bookstore and decided to take a deeper look into the relationship between Robert and Peter Mondavi. This book tells the rise and fall of the Mondavi wine dynasty and shows how Robert Mondavi put Napa wines on the map. The story not only takes you inside the family’s history but also their incredible wine dynasty they built. If you have a passion for wine and curious to read the history of some of the most famous winemakers…I highly suggest reading this book.
Have you read The House of Mondavi?

Everyday Life: Blackfish

9166VerFeEL._SL1500_Photo Courtesy of Amazon

This documentary is truly heartbreaking. I have now watched it twice…and I will say it was just as difficult to watch the second time around. This film takes you on Tilikum’s journey from freedom to captivity and his life in Sea World’s custody. It shows you the dark side of keeping animals in captivity and the effects it has on the animals themselves. I strongly believe everyone should see this film to educate themselves on the unethical actions of Sea World and other similar family parks in the world. I am so glad that OSHA is involved and taking legal action. Even though Tilikum has killed…you can’t blame an animal that is kept against his will in a cement tank for almost his entire life. I for one will never visit SeaWorld again after seeing this documentary. Please be aware this documentary shows graphic and heartbreaking footage.
Have you seen Blackfish?

Fashion: Summer Nail Look

I know this post is really more of a beauty topic but I think it fits into fashion as well. I think a nail color can add a lot to any outfit. I am quite funny when it comes to nail color as I either love very understated pinks or the extreme black or bright colors. I know quite opposite but both work well with my style. My all time favorite summer time pink is by Chanel – Mica Rose in number 495. I am sorry to say this is no longer available through Chanel because it really is the most perfect pink with a hint of shimmer. Believe it or not I am not into much shimmer when it comes to makeup so this is about as “crazy” as I get. Even though I love light pink…I am so ready for fall and all the fall nail colors.
What is your favorite nail color shade for summer?

Beauty: HakuHodo Brush Review

There is really something to be said about a good make up brush. People always say it can transform your look…trust me it can. I have loved my MAC brushes for many years but have always admired Hakuhodo brushes from a distance, due to their hefty price tag. About a year ago I decided to take the plunge on three brushes I knew I would use on a daily basis. I purchased them through their online website, that can be found here. The customer service was great and the brushes shipped and arrived to my home in no time, which is very important to me. I ended up purchasing the S142, S133, and S110 in the Vermilion style (24k clear coating brass/gold). I must say these brushes are hands down the softest and most durable brushes I own. I use at least one brush everyday and am so glad I took the plunge. The next time I am on the market for a new brush (which shouldn’t be for quite some time) I will definitely be back for more Hakuhodo.
Have you ever tried Hakuhodo brushes?

Travel: Spring Training

Welcome back for another fun post from my mom Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to Scottsdale, Arizona for Spring Training. Don’t forget the peanuts…


“My husband and I are big baseball fans. Our team is the San Francisco Giants. We love going to ATT Park to see them play and we even follow them to Spring Training in Scottsdale. We make a trip out of driving there from our home in the Palm Desert area. We have tried many different hotels and they are all great resorts. My favorites are The Fairmont in Scottsdale, the Intercontinental in Paradise Valley, the Westin, the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch and the Royal Palms in Phoenix. I was amazed at the great facilities that they have at their ballpark. It’s fun to see your favorite players and the new up and coming players there in a smaller setting and enjoy the weather and all the great sights in the area. The weather in Scottsdale in the winter/spring is much like our warm weather in Palm Desert but Arizona has more of a southwest vibe. On your vacation check out the great golf, shopping and art as well. Here are some of my photos.
Are you a baseball fan?”

Book Review: Lake Como

Lake Como by Anita Hughes
Retail – $15.99
This book is a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Lake Como takes you on a journey of a young woman who finds herself in need of some soul-searching after finding her boyfriend kissing her boss. Her world is suddenly upside down and lies start to become the norm. She decides to visit her family in Lake Como where she discovers way more than she bargained for. This story will make your heart skip a beat and keep you wanting more. I am so thankful to have found Anita Hughes. She is truly an amazing author. I will definitely be picking up Monarch Beach, which will be her third book for me to read.
Have you read Lake Como?